My First Voting Impression

It’s Wednesday 7th December 2016, Election Day in Ghana. This is the day that the waakye, Hausa Kojo and other breakfast queues are transferred to polling stations and last till the evening.
I hate the sight of queues, even worse is standing in them but I love Ghana more. That means doing something I hate in an effort to make a difference.
Voting started at 7 AM. Its 8 AM and I am in the N-Z first name queue and it’s five times longer than the English alphabet. My polling station is the PHASE 1, REGIMANUEL ESTATE EAST AIRPORT (C120320B).
Please note you need stand in the queue that corresponds to the first letter in your first name. In my polling station there is no indication of this. I had to ask to know this. Don’t go standing in the wrong queue.
So far things look organized and for the past 20 minutes I have been at the same place, which makes me wonder as to whether it’s the voters or the voting officials that are slowing the process down.
Already amongst voters, commentary has begun. Talk of inefficient procedures, long lines and the like. A lady just passed me by with a camp chair and I am so envious. 
This being my first time participating in this national exercise I feel I should have been advised on some things to bring along with me to make the process more bearable.
If you have not left home to vote try carrying the following along:

  1. Your voters ID or identification document to enable you to vote.
  2. A camp chair or any item to sit on
  3. A cap, straw hat or anything to give shade. An umbrella is not a bad idea.
  4. Sunglasses – this is optional but it helps.
  5. A face towel
  6. A fan or anything to fan with 

Hondred Percent face towel shade cap
Hondred Percent face towel shade cap

Well it looks like I am going to be here for a while. I hear it is estimated that each voter will use 2 minutes to vote. There are about 60 people in front of me so my math tells me that I will be voting in the next two hours. I hope this is an exaggeration. 
Littering by voters
Littering by voters

It’s sad but just in my queue I have seen voters drink satchet water and litter their very surroundings. With attitudes like this how do we develop our country? This day will cause a shift but we have a long way to go to develop our GHANA to better standards.
Remember to keep the peace as you vote and keep it One Hondred!

Can I vote without my voters ID?

Ok so finally I found my Voters ID so I will be voting tomorrow. People assured me that without it I could vote, as long as I knew the ID number. I have a picture of the ID saved on my phone so that should suffice. 
But how sure am I that that would hold?
I was still skeptical because everyone kept saying “they say” and I was unsure as to whether “they” was equal to the EC (Electoral Commission)
Someone also asked about moving to a different polling station since she had moved to a different location. 
These concerns are valid and in my opinion should be adequately addressed. One could say it had been discussed enough on radio and television but in my opinion focusing on these mediums doesn’t cut it in these times. 
In 2016 where social media and the internet are available to anyone with a smartphone, I expect adverts and campaigns to be everywhere on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Viral videos should be all over addressing these concerns. I believe it should be done not only by the EC but also the political parties as well since it is in their best interest.
Well this morning I decided to give the EC the benefit of the doubt and visit their website to find if it could address these issues of mine. 
To my surprise the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section did not address any of these concerns.

Electoral Commission website FAQ
Electoral Commission website FAQ

Am I the only one who finds this weird? I mean there is nothing on the website addressing the, no voter ID but want to vote issue and the change of polling station for persons that have moved.
With all the funding that the EC has at their disposal I believe the least that can be done is to address it in the FAQ on their website. Political parties also have to address these issues via social media and websites to prevent people like myself shying away from voting. If I didn’t find my voters ID, I may not have voted. I believe there are many like me so that issue needs to be addressed.
Well I believe this is a late issue to bring up but better late than never. May we vote peacefully tomorrow and move the country towards prosperity.
Keep it One Hondred!