Justice Where Are You?

I’m an African but I don’t feel proud to be one. Roll up in my streets and you will feel foul to be one
– Hondred Percent

The statement above comes from my track titled Akola Boni of my album WTF? I never thought I would refer to this specific line but the situation I find myself fits perfectly into that sack of words.
Today I am ashamed to be called a Ghanaian. I feel no confidence towards our justice system. There are tortoises instead of hares in the system and disgusting lacks the foul stench I require to describe how this unfortunate crime to a four year old went past six hours without the necessary action taking place.
This is just some plain old BULL SHIT!
When I first stumbled upon the story it was so horrid that I expected obvious action to take place. I didn’t see the need to voice out my thoughts because I felt we lived in community of love, a community that wants progress, a community that has billboards saying the future is exciting.
Sorry to burst your bubble but this right here is some messed up matrix without Neo or Morpheus. Ghana is a hypocritical society where we know how to pray more than take action. We have become numb towards crime that we don’t even see what’s wrong with it and I have to say that I am ashamed.
I am ashamed because I expected there to be action by now. I hoped that the hashtag #Justice4Her would have stopped appearing on my social media channels as a result of justice being served. Rather I am met with the opposite reaction and I have seen too much that I can’t be quiet anymore .
So I am voicing out my complaint and enquiring through this blog post to ask a single question.
Why has it taken so long for justice to be served?
The necessary authorities at this point need to have the facts of the matter and offer options to the family for action to be taken. I feel that there is a lackadaisical attitude to this whole crime and it’s more irritating than scabies.
Justice I know you are on vacation but please come back to Ghana.
If you’re looking at making a difference tread through and sign this petition.
Keep it One Hondred! 

Don't Use Your Left Hand

“Don’t point with your left.”
“Don’t give stuff to people with your left”

Should I stop taking left turns as well? What’s the big deal with the left hand? Did someone do something that bad that Ghana is stuck with this practice?
On my birthday in 2014 I decided to do stand up comedy. My wife thought I was crazy. I thought it was an interesting challenge.
The material I had focused on bathroom behaviour, of which I will discuss in another post. I however want to focus on the part that dealt with the use of the left hand in the bathroom and the cultural practice that forbids us from using it to do a number of things.
I am hoping this post will shed light on the issue and get me to comprehend what the fuss is all about.
What’s The Problem With The Left Hand?
Rumor has it that this all had to do with bathroom etiquette. Apparently we don’t give things to people or point with our left hand because when we use the bathroom, we are to use our left hand in wiping our business.
Let that sink in for a minute.
I pray this is not the only reason. I have been looking for a better reason yet the same story keeps coming up.
Why Don’t I Buy Into The Left Hand Culture?
I don’t know which authority came up with this narrative but I have a couple of concerns that make it difficult to accept the practice.

  1. Is there an empirical study showing the benefits of using the left hand in the bathroom?
  2. Even if a study existed showing that there are benefits (which I doubt), who checks as to which hand people use each time they use the bathroom?
  3. Isn’t the advent of soap supposed to eliminate the danger of wiping as a problem?
  4. The ring finger is on the left hand. So should we change that to the right?

Should I use my left or right to wipe?
Should I use my left or right to wipe?
NEWS FLASH: I am not sure which hand I personally use to handle my business in the bathroom. I think I am ambidextrous in that respect. I mean even if I said I use my left would you believe me?
Even I wouldn't believe you dad
Even I wouldn’t believe you dad
Politics alone should tell you that people say one thing and do another in the polling booth. How much more when they are in the toilet.
Left Discrimination
When growing up I realized all around me that the left hand was frowned upon. People were forced to learn how to write with their right hand when they were left handed.
(And it wasn’t to make them ambidextrous)
How can such a practice be accepted?
God created a child and blessed them with the ability to do things with their left hand. Culture then bars that from being developed?
In sports left handed people are a gem. I am sure in other respects they are treasured. So why do we discriminate against treasured individuals all because of a bathroom issue?
I don’t agree with the left hand culture. However, I adhere to it in the company of elders. I do it for the peace and also because I believe that there is a stronger cultural reason than which I keep hearing.
Even if the reason stays the same I will respect culture and use my right amongst my elders. In such scenarios that’s not the time for such a discussion.
That’s why I am blogging about it. So help me out in understanding this Ghanaian practice.
Is it good or bad?
Keep your responses One Hondred!