I Have Been Robbed

I woke up at 4:40 AM and found that I have been robbed.My recent treasured asset that I gained unexpectedly the day before has been stolen.
I didn’t get to enjoy it much.
How did the thief get into my house?
Was it through the back or front door?
I believe it was through the window.
I slept on the couch whilst watching a movie on the tele.
In hind sight I should have just gone to the bedroom.
Should I call the police?
What will they be able to do about this?
I don’t believe they are qualified to deal with my unique case.
God being so good my phone was not stolen.
I guess I should be grateful.
If you find the thief that stole my sleep this early morning, please contact me for I am not done with it.
– Hondred Percent
Inspired by my waking up today unexpectedly and being unable to go back to sleep