What Is Wrong With Being Selfish?

Part of my problem with the world today is society’s uncanny attitude to stigmatize things.

It’s 2019, the internet seems to be working all right making us connected to a truckload of information and yet we are not as open minded as one would think.

Cultural, social and religious reasons are why some of us find it difficult to change our view on concepts.

Today however, I want to challenge you to reconsider your thoughts on a type of behavior that has long been been viewed as bad.

The dictionary will add other spices to the meaning but society largely views selfishness as thinking only about ones self.

But what is wrong with that?

What is wrong with being selfish?

Largely, selfishness has been viewed in the negative light as behavior not in the best interests of society. Ironically, all around us, including governments and churches, we see many instances where people and organizations have acted selfishly to the detriment of others.

I however believe that this is the popular side of the coin for selfishness. The side that goes about being selfish to the detriment of others. What is on the other side of the coin of selfishness?

How many of us are living lives that have been planned, dictated or orchestrated by others? Living a lifestyle just to please someone other than yourself.

How many students have been forced to pursue a course they were not interested in but was what their parents wanted?

How many have married the wrong person not out of love but out of society or family’s STRONG recommendation?

How many are pursuing a career path to please others and not themselves?

At the core you are not happy and continue living this lifestyle which plunges you deeper into sadness and sometimes depression.

What good are you to anyone if you are not yourself?

Often times we think about everyone except ourselves and are not honest enough to address the problems that exist in order to live better.

I am not advocating for people to be selfish without considering the consequences. I am challenging all of us to examine our hearts to find whether we have overestimated our capacity to love.

Maybe there are some things we have to come to face with. Some realities we have to address in order to be that person who can genuinely think of other people.

We all would love to be helped by people and loved ones who GENUINELY wanted to help. There are many people who are doing things for other reasons not in any way good.

It reflects in our daily life. We see it in customer service and other aspects of our lives which end making a difference between us having a good day or a bad day.

We see it in the attitudes of people and it is present in today’s world because we hear the word “stress” a lot.

Take a minute today to search yourself and honestly consider focusing on bettering yourself.

This may involve saying “no”.

It may involve resting.

It may involve prayer.

Whatever path you choose do it to become a better person. For you are no good to anyone if you are broken.

Be real with yourself and consider being selfish today.