My Thoughts on my Rehearsal 

Preparing for a show is a lot of work that sometimes I even take for granted. From logistics, sound, fashion, marketing and more it is safe to say that experience goes a long way in getting one accustomed to ensuring that an audience gets the best service.
Of all these elements involved in preparation, what catches me off my game is rehearsals. 
I do lot of these in my car as I drive. That however just ensures that I have my poetry or lyrics memorized. The other side of rehearsals involves interacting with the crowd and creating a sense of flow which I tend to forget to do due to my day job.
This time around I am doing rehearsals twice. 
I started yesterday and ended up turning the rehearsal into a deep conversation about Africa and our selfish attitudes that find us in our deprived state.
This was due to my “Africa Sent Me A Whatsapp Message” poetry performance. 
I sometimes forget how powerful words are. A friends brother heard the poem for the first time and was deeply moved by the it. 
I must admit the poem takes me by surprise sometimes due to the impact that the words have. Its surreal because I find myself in awe and asking how I got around to piecing the words together. 
The glory goes to none other than God!
Its inspiring when your art touches people and gets them thinking. It motivates you to keep pushing. I for one now seek to perform to touch people. Impacting one person is enough to making me feel fulfilled.
I hope however that today’s rehearsals goes as planned without interrupted intellectual debates.
Keep it One Hondred!

The BoBo Song and 2017 Welcome

Welcome to another year. Another opportunity to make hay whilst the sun shines. 
Matter of fact, scrap that!
Most of you have never seen hay before. See this year as an opportunity to make happiness, wealth, friendships and anything worthwhile not only when the sun shines, but when night comes as well.
A great lot has been happening since my last blog post. I took a much needed break and I am revitalized to cruise down 2017 in sun glasses and skis down the potholed roads of Ghana and beyond. I am an optimist who believes anything is possible and it’s too early in the year to doubt my dream. I hear change is here, so let’s all be optimists for a change.
The Network Ink

The Network Ink Flyer
The Network Ink Flyer

I am playing host at the Network Ink this Saturday at AM & PM, Villagio. This is a great way to start the year and you are bound to make great contacts and walk away with a number of gifts. 
(Change is indeed here)
Ticket price is 300 GHC but each ticket entitles you to the following:

  • A Lenovo Smartphone
  • Airtel SIM card with loads of free data
  • The latest edition of Glitz Magazine
  • Cocktail

There will be performances and lots of photo opportunities and selfies so please dress to cause confusion, make friends and have fun. It’s challenging but not impossible.
See flyer for more details.
WTF? Album
We are wrapping up our work on the album. The album is set to be released early June. Cover art will be revealed before month end along with more info about the album.
The BoBo Song

BoBo & Daddy
BoBo & Daddy

BoBo wishes you all a happy new year. He has grown and is eager to walk before crawling. He is definitely an optimist. 
Remember the song I made for him?
Well here it is in audio. You can download for free or stream to listen to it.
It was all done using garage band so audiophiles bear with the quality of the mixing and recording. BoBo features in the song as well so that alone makes the track a must listen.
Well the year has begun. Here is to keeping it One HONDRED!

Solitaire, Akotowaa's Debut Spoken Word EP

A young poet today is releasing her debut spoken word EP called Solitaire. To many this is not anything special and justifies the use of the common Ghanaian rhetorical question suggesting disregard, “and so what?
Some may be confused by the word or have their thought neurons jump straight to that Microsoft computer game. Whatever it is that is going through your mind, I just want you to give the EP a listen and a chance.
The Solitaire EP is by the black ebony-locked creative, Akotowaa. The spoken word album is about solitude and the EP is a personal insight into the mind of a beautiful soul and the originator of one of my favourite words, lexivist.
Who is Akotowaa?


Akotowaa is not only a creator of words but an ambassador of words and anything to do with them.
 I first bumped into this joy of a person when she was in high school. This was a couple of years ago. She was always excited to see me and for as long as I can remember had a bubbly personality. I always wondered what fueled her joy. 
Akotowaa is a literary genius. I am fascinated by the way her mind works and awestruck by her creativity and poetry. Her poetry and writing, reveal a soul who has so much to offer. She challenges her self to be better and her growth as a poet over the years have been nothing short of remarkable.
Solitaire- EP
Akotowaa is signed on to VI Music alongside the sensational Adomaa, Robin, The Gentleman, Fra Band, Tronomie and many more. All of who helped in putting this project together. 
The EP is her first spoken word compilation and in the great words of Kobby Graham, “Beautifully Weird”.
I had the privilege of previewing the album some weeks back and I was inspired and amazed at Akotowaa’s bold approach. 
Those of us who lived with a Windows 95, 2000 and XP operating system back in the day are familiar with the card game Solitaire, which was usually played to while away time. 
Akotowaa has used the royals within the deck of cards to carve out themes to market the project and her VI family have tagged along for the fun.
The project is a doorway or escape to the half fantasy, half real world that Akotowaa lives in. From the beginning to the end, she shares personal moments of loneliness and solitude that all can relate with. As a lexivist (word activist) her vocabulary or lyrics describe vividly the picture or video she is trying to put across to her audience. I believe this is a unique project that challenges the poetry industry in Ghana to create from within.
(For a more detailed explanation about Solitaire by Akotowaa click here)
Tracks I Loved
I must warn that my opinions are based of what I heard at the listening session. Edits and changes may have been made to the EP.
I shall now briefly comment on the tracks that I loved at the listening session. I would love to go into details but the main purpose of this post is to whet your appetite and push you to listen to the EP.
A quote from the poem Solitaire
A quote from the poem Solitaire

This is a poem I know too well, however, the instrumental to this track courtesy of Edwvn, gave it such attitude and detail that I fell in love with it again.
The poem is a word play between the idea of solitaire and numbers. It’s a witty piece that requires repeated listening to appreciate. There are tons of themes crafted into this piece. It is intellectually stimulating and I love the creativity, math and logic behind the whole track.
If you are one who loves a unique idea and concept then this will be a favourite as well.
To Be
A quote from the poem To Be
A quote from the poem To Be

This is a very beautiful track about being comfortable with yourself. It’s a short poem that works very well with the melody behind it. 
At the listening session this was the last track off the EP. I found it interesting that this was one of my favorites because it seemed as if Akotowaa with this piece has finally become comfortable with the artistic process of creating a compilation.
Other Tracks
Don’t get me wrong the other tracks are amazing. The two above however are my favorites. Each track has a purpose and a mood to it. Each track is a piece of Akotowaa that she shares with us. By listening to the EP you get to know this ebony-locked, lexivist queen, a bit more. 
I pray in her evolution as an artist we get to discover more of her. Especially the genius bit that I believe is still finding its peak.
The Solitaire EP is out now on Bandcamp for $2.50. You can stream for free on SoundCloud. The EP will be available on ITunes and Spotify in January 2017
If you want to see the artist live this December, make sure to check her out at the VI Music Concert on 23rd December 2016 at Alliance Francais.
Akotowaa performs at the VIM Concert
Akotowaa performs at the VIM Concert
Check out Solitaire EP on  SoundCloud
Buy the EP via BandCamp
Merry Christmas and remember to always keep it One Hondred!

The BoBo Song

BoBo is the pet name I have given to my son. He has adorable cheeks and that’s where the name comes from. Each cheek is called “Bo” so together we have “BOBO”.
I enjoy playing with him. As a poet and rapper, I often perform in front of him and he gives me an attentive look and smile that convinces me that he is my number one fan.
So in celebration of my number one fan, I wrote a song that I hope to record for him as a Christmas present. I will try and shoot a music video later.
It’s a silly song that rhymes with his surname. The objective is just to have fun and look cool while singing it.
Here it is:
My name is Sean…
Kwaw Miezah.
Hey! I’m a Forjoe.
Daddy! He calls me BoBo.
We have fun, because of YOLO.
And we cool, like Kci and Jojo.
Hey! Let’s take some photos.
We’ll pose, like we won the lotto.
Daddy! He likes the fufu.
As for me, I like the nufu. (breast in Akan)
I drink it everyday no juju.
After that, I do the dodoo.
And the diaper gets filled with my poopoo 💩
It’s a short song. The idea is to keep it on repeat like a jamma song and go all crazy with it. He seems to enjoy it. Can’t wait to record the video and share.
Want to contribute to the BoBo song?
Just comment on the article.
Stay winning and keep it One HONDRED!