One Love

One of the reasons why poetry is so powerful is because it’s multi dimensional. People often limit it to books or performance but there is more to poetry than just words.

I have begun to explore the different dimensions of poetry with social media and art.

Yesterday being Ghana’s Independence Day, I decided to try sharing my poetry differently. So playing with graphic design applications I posted my poem “One Love” on my Instagram feed.

27 individual posts made up the poem. Majority of the posts have an individual message but play a role in the big picture which can only truly be embraced by viewing my profile page.

The poem though short touches on Ghana and her desire to unite its people under the banner of love. The piece touches on how the concept of love is interpreted to mean different things and asks questions as to whether we are truly seeking love as a nation and people.

Over the month of March and more, (depending on how long it will take) I plan on using my blog to break down the poem and discuss the elements within. I will touch on why I used certain images and why I used certain lines to further expand the details in the poem and show people how powerful poetry is.

A screenshot of one of the 27 posts of the poem “One Love” on Instagram

I urge you to search me up on Instagram @hondredpercent to view the poem and share your thoughts. This is quite the experiment I am embarking on so I am unsure as to what will result from this and what both audience and I will learn from this process. I however look forward to it.


Here is the poem:

One Love

Ghana raised Wanlov but we don’t have one love

Our independence made us free to allow one love

We fell in love with democracy and not one love

Corruption came along with that and that’s one love

to the one bud that got the power

To him that’s one love

Selfishness is his curse and that breeds love

But not the kind we need to make it as he does

In Ghana the real question is how do we love?

Cos we love to talk a lot and that breeds doves

of hope and conflict. The parties know it. Yes we love

a back and forth but that’s our fault cos we lack enough

as it is already to stay as we are

I am tired of this already but that’s not enough

Cos maybe its only me and that’s not one love

Maybe you are tired too and maybe that’s two love or true love but time will tell if we are really all for one love

Superman Birthdays

I recently found out that I wore the same red Superman t-shirt on my sons last birthday gathering. I did not plan on giving this item of apparel the “birthday t-shirt” status but considering I chose it twice and literally as I came out of the shower, I guess it deserves that title.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-19 at 13.15.35
Me and my son on his 1st Birthday

As a father raising a young son, I am learning how to deal with a kids birthday in the current social media, internet crazed world we are in.
Privileged as I was growing up, I didn’t have the luxury of my dad being around on my birthdays. I thus make an effort to ensure that I am around for my little man and pray that I will not be too busy in the future to being with him to celebrate the day my wife and I were blessed with his presence.
My son on his first birthday just wanted to run around and was excited to see other kids playing together. He had just figured out how to walk and was graduating to running and seeking the new freedom his limbs gave him. My family, in laws and close friends were around to celebrate the day.
As they arrived, I begun to realize the disadvantage of having more adults than kids at a toddlers birthday. Don’t get me wrong they are a great crowd however the day was about my son and I realized I had not made plans for entertaining the kids that day.
Kids also need space to express themselves, run around, play and perform other interesting activities like eat sand, mimic adults and the uncanny art of spoiling things. The space though large enough, didn’t afford the kids that opportunity.
Making matters worse it rained that day. The rains came down hard and moved the little party inside. Needless to say, the party spirit of the kids was dampened and we had little room for both kids and adults to move around in.
I thus advised myself to stick to kids around his age range for his upcoming birthdays. Adults and kids together is a bit too complicated for my hosting abilities and takes away from the little man having his fun.
I think I can handle a day dedicated to kids calling me Uncle Paul and cross crossing between being a judge at a small case court handling toy disputes, a police man shouting “STOP IT!” at 10 minute intervals or less, being a face painter and dj.
Wow! That’s a lot. That however was me on my son’s 2nd birthday.
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-19 at 21.27.52
Me and my son on his 2nd Birthday

I guess that’s why I wear the Superman shirt. Aside acting like a Superman in this party job that doesn’t pay cash, the real reason for multitasking and providing fun memories and love to kids is because of hope. Funny enough hope is the meaning behind the Superman symbol and not the letter “S” for Superman.
It’s all about hope. The hope that love will surround our children. The hope that they will remember the love we have for them. Most important is the hope that they focus on what’s important.
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-24 at 18.24.11
My son’s tractor

Important could mean many things. For my son on his 2nd birthday, important was a green tractor with eye balls that after a year suddenly became his favorite toy and was only interested in driving it on the floor and imitating the engine sound “vroooom!”.
He could not be bothered about losing at musical chairs neither was he interested in cutting his cake. That’s why when the wind was against us when lighting the twenty four plus one candle I got him ( I thought blowing candles for the kids will be fun) I just left them in the cake. The birthday boy wasn’t interested in making wishes today.
As I said earlier being Superman for the day ain’t that bad when you are dealing with a son like mine. As long as it’s less than 20 kids, a few kid loving adults around and a couple of cute babies to play with I am down. Ice cream helps a lot too. Nothing gets children in a logo logo line like ice cream.
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-24 at 18.24.11 (1)

How Far With Ronning

Its been three days since I released Ronning and to be honest I am not too happy with its performance.This is supposed to be my first release and by the second day I had not reached even a hundred plays on SoundCloud. So much for being called Hondred Percent.
Ronning was released on both SoundCloud and ReverbNation on Monday 13th February 2017. 
I now know how mothers feel when they leave their children with a guardian or friends for the first time. I must have opened the SoundCloud app over a hundred times to check on the singles performance. I had let out a part of myself into the web and was worried about how the world will receive it.
At the end of the first day, SoundCloud reported 61 plays. I was happy about the performance but wished for more plays and likes, which got me wondering if I was marketing the single to the best of my ability.
On the second day it increased to 85 plays. Yesterday I checked and I was happy to see the track pass the hundred plays mark.
I also realized that I need to download SoundCloud Pulse: for creators, an app that allows artists to manage their content on SoundCloud.
My Learning Curve
Looking at the work involved in promoting my art and brand, it seems as if creating the art is easier. 
Managing yourself as an artist is hard work. Social media and WhatsApp are great but they are just tools. Using them to churn results is another learning program; and as an independent artist I guess I just enrolled.
This week alone I have had to do some serious work on my Facebook page profile. Call it spring cleaning. I have also added the lyrics to Ronning on genius with some interesting annotations.
All this is to grow my fan base and engage better with fans. To do this efficiently though one needs some apps to help. By the end of the year I will probably be experienced enough to give a talk on the do’s and don’ts as well as recommend apps that are free as well as worth the money.
So far my stats are okay. Facebook is kind of pathetic though. I have less than 500 people liking my page. This all goes to show the amount of work I need to put into my brand. 
I have to rethink how I go about my promotions and evolve into an artist that is seen to truly care about his fans and art. 
This means being more organized and engaging with fans socially online and offline.
What’s Next With Ronning
Video, video and more video. Audio is great but we love eye candy. Don’t worry, an official video is in the works. Next week a lyric video for the track will be released. For now there is a teaser video for Ronning. Lets pray that all this goes to push the brand Hondred Percent.
Keep it One Hondred! 
Now on to figure which video service is better for me. Facebook or YouTube?
Check out the Ronning teaser video here

Ronning Lyrics

Thank you guys for the performance of Ronning these past few days. The single this morning has over a hundred plays. Its a small achievement but I’m grateful for how far I have come and where I am going as an artist.
In celebration of this I am proud to announce that the lyrics for Ronning are now available on Genius.
What is Genius?
Genius explains the deeper meaning behind music.

Founded in 2009, Genius is a unique media company that’s powered by community, our in-house creative team, and the artists themselves. We serve music knowledge to over 100 million people each month on and everywhere music fans connect across the internet.
From the Genius about page
For more about Genius check out the full about page here 
Genius gives you a behind the scenes look at the words behind art. Within Genius you will find interesting facts and comments from the artists themselves and contributors about songs, poetry and anything that contains words.
Genius has a website and an app. I recommend downloading the app to search and contribute to content online.
Ronning Lyrics
Here are the lyrics to Ronning
She was pretty 
Very witty
She had, ‘thingys that made guys forget the cities that they came from 

Therefore they were sprung

They had T-Pain in their lungs

So therefore sung songs on
Samsung ‘cellies 
You see they wanted to be on ‘tele
Be famous just like R-Kelly
Trying to grab attention of this girl who wore
Lace lingerie,
Gucci everyday,
I mean she was black like a PlayStation 3
Walks into the room connects to guys like 3G

You see I had to 
Disconnect and gather my thoughts and then….
Send an SMS 
‘Cos she was just designing stress
‘Cos I was looking at this dress and there was a beating in my chest
‘Cos I am man that rejects…..
Lady, my natural flavour is distinction
Your past relationships I am putting through extinction. 
Give me the time, give me the place,
Give me the chance to debate against your……
Pink mind,
Pink shine of gloss, on lips with no flaws,
That dress words in Versace every time you talk 
Pause for a second as I jot down these thoughts,
And jot down my number as you jot down me yours

And I looked deep into her eyes as I wrote my number and gave it to her and said 

Mine is a 0-5-4-9-4-4-2-0-3-0
I can be your hero 
Sing songs to you better than Ne-Yo
My words, they will fly you to Rio
Give you a time better than Michael Jackson back in the day when he said
“Do you remember” 
Baby I’ve got a mind
Mind of a gentleman
God is within me so therefore I know how to treat woman
You see I don’t have a car but I can drive you crazy 
You need diamonds, I will supply you daily
Cos I’m an N-W-J
Nigga with jewelry
Supplying you with the diamonds of your life everyday
Everybody wants you like the Iphone 
That’s your nickname
Let’s get together and let’s change that to my phone
Cos you are the;
Apple of my eye
I can’t deny
You provide me with wings so that I can fly
Tell me,
Who needs Red Bull when I got you by my side?
Honey, darling, marshmallow with a charming,
Give me your number so I can stop remarking 
I can go on forever you give me the power to go on
Therefore let me use this power to guess your number and call

You see by looking at you you look like one them MTN types so I’ll say you are 054
You have two dimples and do three aerobic sessions
Your charm is a nine out of ten so I’ll say you are a 
(Breathes in to smell)
Oh my!
You wearing Channel No.9
Sagittarius is your sign
So therefore I’ll say you are a 
054 for the MTN
2 for the dimples
3 for the aerobic sessions
9-10 that’s your charm that’s a nine out of ten
9 for your perfume which is Channel No.9
And 12 for Sagittarius which is your zodiac sign
Please be ready at eight to be picked up at your door
Hope you enjoy it. For the meaning behind the lyrics and more,check it out on Genius right here.
Keep it One Hondred!
PS For those that haven’t heard the song you can listen to it here via SoundCloud 

BoBo's Valentine

It was 10:30 PM Monday 13th February 2017 when I realized that I had not picked up a gift for my wife for Valentine’s Day. Luckily I was at Placito so decided to grab something to save my hide. 
In my search for a Valentine gift I stumble upon a red valentine balloon filled with helium hanging out close to the ceiling. 
When I pulled it down it rose right back up. The chemistry involved made me smile. In appreciation of what the helium molecules were doing as well as what my sly mind was thinking.
I decided to purchase it as part of my gift offering. (I won’t reveal what I got for the Mrs. Looking at how logos are being plagiarized I’m afraid my concept will be next ?)
Early this morning I surprised my wife with her gift. She loved it and as predicted, proceeded to giving the cute balloon to my son who had a field day with it this morning and got so tired that he is asleep as I type this.
He has never played with a balloon before. I don’t know what gives kids butterflies when they see or play with balloons but I was happy to share in his first balloon moment and used the opportunity to take pictures and videos.
Here is a comic strip I made just to capture the moment.

BoBo's Valentine
BoBo’s Valentine

Coming to think of it I killed three birds with one stone. 

  1. Wife was happy with balloon
  2. BoBo played with balloon and was happy
  3. BoBo slept giving me time to write this post and get out of the house

If you want one just go to Placito Airport Shell branch. I am not sure how it does it’s magic but it just works.
From BoBo and I Happy Valentine’s Day.
Always keep it One HONDRED!
Will update you on how Ronning fared so far tomorrow. If you haven’t listened to it yet you can do so here.

I think I am sick with Love

Today I want to talk about Love. A strange yet familiar virus that we all at some point in our lives have or will be infected with.
(I bet you were not expecting that lovey dovy beginning)
Love the Virus
Love is a beautiful, weird, complicated thing with a very busy schedule. It’s worse than a cold in that it’s ability to infect its host has nothing to do with temperature or environment. It infects all people and depending on the individual can lead you down a lovely or crazy path.
Yesterday, I celebrated two years of marriage, thus my thoughts towards the virus responsible for my union. I ponder on my infection which struck me in 2011 and journey around the moments that have made my wife and I the couple we are today.
Love though a virus can mutate to a deadly cancer. Those in it can attest to this feature.
(I was not the brightest biology or chemistry student so please bear with me)
Love Stages
Just like cancer, there are stages to love. I strongly believe I am a stage 4 love patient. 
Stage 1 is what I call the “Checking You Out“stage aka CYO. This is when you are interested or attracted in someone yet no move has been made to declare intention.
Stage 2 is the “Going Out” stage. This if successful is a long era of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. It usually starts with a honey moon period that is usually very rosy and fairy tale themed but gradually comes back to reality.
Stage 3 is Marriage. This is where commitment between the couple is taken up a notch and publicized for the whole world to know. You are now stuck to another human till death.
Stage 4 is Reality. This is where the question of love being a good virus or bad virus sets in. For some guys it begins to feel similar to a restaurant outing with friends where everyone orders; when the orders arrive, you start wondering why you didn’t order what your friend had.
For the ladies, the reality of snoring, cleaning up after the guy, his obsession with sports and other male behaviours come into play filli filli (Ghanaian slang for very clear)
So is marriage worth it? 

Hondred Percent and Wife
Hondred Percent and Wife
It sure is. I now look like someone feeds me. Before I got married, my bachelor lifestyle and inability to cook nothing but an egg, fried yam and rice left me as some lenge lenge (Ghanaian slang for skinny) model on an America’s Next Top Model series. 
My dear wife makes it a point to ensure that I am fed daily and it’s a trait of her’s that I often take for granted. Her mother really trained her well.
I have been blessed with a beautiful son, which in my books is the next best gift from God after Salvation and my wife. He is so cute and adorable and has brought a sense of happiness into my life that I never knew. 
Haters will say I could have gotten the baby without being married. I agree, but that process causes complications and I would not get to see him everyday and also immediately when he wakes up, that’s when his excitement peaks and eagerly wants to play.
Hondred Percent playing with son
Hondred Percent playing with son

I am going to skip the obvious benefits like sex, companionship and stuff and just say that my wife is not perfect, but neither am I. I prefer it that way though; for the things I am unable to do, she is able to do and vice versa. 
She is a great mother who worries a lot but I won’t have it any other way. She supports me and my art, even though she is not a Hip Hop head and doesn’t know the time that Usher rolled up in drop top cruising the streets.
(I don’t expect the young ones to comprehend but don’t feel bad. My wife doesn’t know either)
I guess that’s why I love her. She makes me laugh and for the most part sees eye to eye on important stuff. 
(Trust me there are some issues we don’t see eye to eye on)
Two Years of Marriage 
Two years of marriage is a blessing from the Lord. Chale, some do not even make it past two months. This however is not a competition but a journey. My wife is my life companion and mother of my son. She prays for me, feeds me and supports me amongst other things. 
(It won’t be bad though for God to add a dance move or two to her repertoire ?)
As I reflect on how far this love virus has brought me, I realize that given other choices I will still stick with my darling wife. She is not perfect but I doubt anyone on earth can match her uniqueness. 
She was crafted ewe-tologically to suit the Nzema in me. Unfortunately the Nzema in me doesn’t like Banku, which is the dish she prides herself in cooking.
So on our second anniversary, I raise my glass to you darling and thank God for your life and the wonderful work you are doing in mine. You are a beauty not only in appearance but in grace and duty. A true Queen and African Empress. I celebrate you and our union and pray for many more to come. May this love virus that connects us continue to make us love sick over each other.
Happy Anniversary darling! Continue being Hondred Percent! 

Drum Roll, Please – Review

Poetra Asantewa opening performance Drum Roll, Please
Poetra Asantewa

Poetra’s Drum Roll performance begun with the poet dressed in a beautiful African themed dress and pair of silver heels she referred to as props, placing a bottle of water and a roll of card papers on stage. 
The card papers were a part of her performance. The bottled water however, was her copying what she had seen other artists do the past couple months whenever they came on stage.
Poetra was joined by a drummer named Richie from The Musical Lunatics who provided drum beats throughout her performance. 
The purpose of the roll of card papers was to usher the audience into a theme of poetry to be performed by the artist. The audience was to read out what was on the card when the artist held it up to begin a series of performances related to the content on the card.
The use of a drum kit as an instrument supporting poetry is unusual in mordern Ghanaian poetry performances. African drums have in the past accompanied poetry performances but lately the guitar, saxophone and sometimes piano are used to provide melody for poets to lay their words on.
Why Drums?
Poetra is no stranger to performing and entertaining crowds with a live band. However for poetry, sometimes the message gets drowned in the music. 
The idea from the show came from the artist watching a performance of a female poet with a single instrument and the impact that had on her poetry. 
She decided to use drums but added that any other musical instrument could be used to achieve the same goal.
Themes, Chapters or Stages
Poetra revealing a theme for the audience to read out
Poetra revealing a theme

There were eight themes or chapters of Poetra’s Drum Roll, Please performance. The first was Motherhood. It begun with a poem that painted the real life story of a woman in Cape Town, South Africa who killed her own son as a result of her frustration of his drug abuse. 
The piece begun with the artist singing her own rendition of “Hallelujah”. The poem itself starts with the concept of mathematics and how the mother was so good at it. Her bearing a son that depended on her was a beautiful equation. “Tick Tock” was then used to time travel a decade and some years later when the ticks to suggest correct answers evolved to tik (South African nickname for methamphetamine). Which lead to her killing her son or math equation as her way of showing love and ending with the phrase . 
“Were you ever good at this thing called math?”
That’s the summary but the poem actually has more depth than that.
Woman was the next theme. The beat pace from Richies drums quickened and was heavy. It ushered a song, a poem and then a song called Annie of the poets Motherfuckitude album. The track which evolves around a girl named Annie’s choice to not wear panties always intrigues audiences. Females are indeed interesting.
Sensuality was the theme that followed next and from the way the crowd read the card, you could tell they were anticipating something bold and edgy.
It started with the chorus of J.Coles Power Trip and evolved into poetry. Poetra has a way of using sex metaphors to make a point. As to whether it is to get the mind to focus or to draw the similarity in things is unknown. Her effortlessness in engaging the human senses to simulate her words theatrically is how the poet has acquired a fan base. 
Poetra and Worlasi perform Freedom at Drum Roll, Please
Poetra and Worlasi

The themes that followed were Love, Heartbreak and Saving Yourself. Supreme Rights artist, Worlasi joined in to perform a section of his track Freedom of the Nuse mixtape where Poetra features. The words and lyrics aided the concept of saving one’s self and even though it was not apparent the drums were still at work like a heart beating unconsciously to the human.
The last two themes were Arts and Politics and Self Love, which was concluded with Tema based producer KaySo joining in to provide strings.
All in all it was a wonderful experience. Poetry lovers would have enjoyed this journey with drums and words. All the guest artists were amazing from KaySo, Chief Moomen, Cina Soul, Musical Lunatics and not forgetting MC extraordinaire Daniel Quist who attempted a remix of Cina Soul’s Julor.(which isn’t bad by the way)
Hondred Percent performing with The Musical Lunatics
Hondred Percent and The Musical Lunatics
Daniel Quist performing with Cina Soul and The Musical Lunatics
Daniel Quist performing with Cina Soul and The Musical Lunatics
KaySo making music and performing
KaySo making music and performing

I enjoyed my performance yesterday. It was my first time working with a band and I was blessed to have The Musical Lunatics make that happen. The rap performances were awesome and I will share the videos later.
Keep blessing us Poetra with your art. The rest of you remember to keep it One Hondred!

I Got My Period!

Girl: I got my period!
Guy: (thinking) THANK GOD!
The above is a perfect example describing the term, “breathe a sigh of relief”.
If you slept with a girl unprotected and she complains about a late period and later tells you that it came, you will understand the relief being described.
If a picture says a thousand words then the feature image by artist Ray Styles, says five thousand for sure. 
Unfortunately it’s something that is rarely discussed. Our culture is partly to blame for it. Parents and family rarely discuss sex with their children and it sometimes leads to them getting into situations that could have been avoided.
Today I want to take a brief look at what guys go through in this situation when at university and encourage all to discuss this more in order for the youth not to repeat the mistakes of our past.
Majority of what I am going to share is from a Whatsapp discussion about the feature image. Guys behavior in this situation is funny when viewed from the perspective that the girl’s period eventually came.
Instead of you studying in school, you are chopping girls.
When your sex partner speaks of period lateness and you had unprotected sex, boys can’t think straight.  
Stress be what! ????
You lose appetite, can’t focus on studies, travel back in time to perform analytics on whether your little yous suddenly became faster than Usain Bolt. 
Some go forward in time and ask thought provoking questions such as:

  1. How much are diapers?
  2. Am I ready to be a father?
  3. What will I do if she is actually pregnant?

Some become religious and are looking for a miracle so bad that the “we’re not interested” attitude when student evangelists came over evolves into reception and a new born again status.
And they PRAY!
So if a university male student tells you he is stressed and it’s evident and he keeps praying, chances are he is in period camp.
(Period camp….that’s a nice way to describe what guys feel)
Most guys enter a “God save me and I will never have sex again” contract. The lies God hears, I wonder whether He laughs or views it as a lesson in disguise.
The icing on the cake is that the girl in question often doesn’t freak out the way the guy freaks out. This apparently depends on how you look at it. Internally girls freak out. They also freak out in the physical to their besties. In the presence of guys however they often play it cool and this drives guys NUTS!
So why can’t students just use protection and save themselves from this wahala (stress)? 

Condoms and a quote to emphasize what is precious
Condoms and a quote
That is a million dollar question. Is the education on contraceptives enough? Are youth these days pressured into being stupid?
The best thing is to abstain. I however would not put myself in a pot calling the kettle black situation and pretend that is the only solution. I repeat, it’s the best thing to do, not from a Christian standpoint but from EVERY standpoint.
If however you decide to delve into promiscuity, use protection. Yes, love without glove feels good and blah blah blah but let’s play a little game I learned in economics called opportunity cost. 
What’s the opportunity cost of you having unprotected sex?

  1. You could produce a baby ( don’t act you ain’t fertile)
  2. You can contract an STD (Sexualy Transmitted Disease).
  3. You can contract AIDS (I know it’s an STD but it deserves its own bullet point)
  4. The stress – I can’t quantify it but it’s a LOT.
  5. Cultural and societal embarrassment if you are a student and a baby is on the way.

The benefit of unprotected sex is the feeling and that as most ladies will tell you is not always guaranteed. So why risk it for some guy or girl you just met or your partner.
NEWS FLASH: a good portion of university relationships seldom make it to marriage so why fight against statistics. 
We need to discuss this more with others. Not only our peers but the younger ones as well. Society today is bombarded with enticement from all angles. 
The internet, social media and instant messaging escalates the importance we as adults need to place on educating the youth.
The problem is young people think they know. However letting them know of the close calls you had can be a turn around for them. A line after all needs to be drawn somewhere.
What has been your experience with late periods or period camp?
Will you discuss this with youth you know?
Let’s be real about this issue and keep it One Hondred!
A big thank you to Ray Styles for allowing me to use his image in this article and using his art to start a conversation.

Do You Proof Read Your Life?

“Are you sure there are no mistakes in the essay?”
That’s my mother asking a question I don’t want to hear. I stupidly respond yes knowing very well I didn’t go over the essay. It’s almost three in the afternoon and if I don’t get out of the house soon, I won’t get a good team to play basketball with on the court.
“Is that how you spell that?”, She screamed.
I am pretty sure that dat is the correct spelling but I should have checked the dictionary to be sure. English has a way of deceiving you with regards to spelling.
Absent fullstops and commas, spelling mistakes and poor paragraphing saw my opportunity to show off my new basketball moves fade away like the glory of Chicago Bulls after Jordan left. I was twelve and knew no better.
I hated to proof read.
I however find it more important in life than blogging. In my new life as a blogger I go over my posts over and over to ensure it reads the way I want it to. Spelling, paragraphs, is there a better way to describe that? These and many more are what I go through whenever I task myself to write for my blog.
But why bother?
I do it because I want my audience to take me seriously and to ensure that my message is channelled properly. I am striving for perfection.
To achieve that proof reading is necessary. Once or twice won’t cut it. A minimum of three times; and more if necessary are needed to ensure your work comes out with little error.
So why not apply this to every aspect of our lives?
Proof reading is an important life discipline. Everything must be reevaluated and assessed to determine feasibility and changes that need to be made before that final decision or submission is made.
You proof read your life over and over again until the very last day. You ask yourself questions to determine whether previous perceptions still hold. You do that with your career, education, love life and religion, all in search of perfection.
So when do you stop proof reading? 
Every scenario demands different rules. The process however evolves rather than comes to a halt. For instance before getting married there is a proof reading process to determine who your spouse will be. Once you have tied the knot, that process evolves to proof reading your life partner to fully understand them and their impact. This enables you to correct both your behaviors, in order for the  marraige to be successful.
Does proof reading lead to perfection?
Proof reading doesn’t mean you are creating an error free life. It just minimizes the errors. If done properly, you eliminate the obvious errors and make good decisions. If however you ignore it or do a poor job, you will be like me in my youth, missing an opportunity to play with friends.
Over time I will come back to this topic in relation to different situations to give better insight into the application of proof reading.
As a Christian I believe that diligent use of proof reading in search of the truth, leads to Christ and salvation.
Stay true to your ways, proof read and keep winning.
This post was proof read four times in search of perfection.
Stay One Hondred!