October Fire Thoughts 

Accidents are interesting events. They seem to always occur unexpectedly. In some cases however, you can tell that one is bound to happen. Those who truly understand the risks get out of the danger zone. Others unaware of the risks or optimistic about the outcome face the same road.
Throughout 2017 I have listened time and time again to natural and unnatural accidents that have occurred throughout the world. From hurricanes, mass shootings, bombing and burning buildings; I always pray that such events never come to Ghana. I thank God that we have not experienced the above mentioned catastrophes. Unfortunately it seems that as a nation we are prone to gas or fuel related accidents.
From the flood Goil station incident around Circle in 2015 and the LPG blow out around Trade Fair in 2016; we seem to be running an unfortunate streak of having a gas or fuel related blowout once a year and last Saturday marked 2017’s entry.
Last Saturday 7th October 2017, there was a gas explosion at the atomic junction near Madina, Accra, Ghana.
I don’t have the facts on what caused or occurred during the fire. I have not even bothered to watch a video or dwell for a second on the pictures that are being circulated. Peoples reactions are enough for me to understand the gravity of what happened last Saturday. 
Despite the lack of information there is one thing I do know. Like all the other disasters that have happened in the past, we will survive this October disaster. We may loose some loved ones and many peoples lives will be changed forever by the fire but we should look towards the future.
I can’t comment on what should or shouldn’t have happened with regards to security measures to minimize damage as I don’t have information on what truly happened that evening. There however has to be some action taking place as this has become an annual disaster.
To the families of victims of this sad event my prayers go out to you. To those in hospital my prayers go out to your strength, doctors, nurses and families. 
The fire is an indication of how important life is and my question to all is whether when the time comes for us to part this earth we know where we going?
Keep it One HONDRED!

Drum Roll, Please

Do you know Poetra Asantewa?
She is one of Ghana’s finest poets who also runs a fashion label as well as the Yobbings greeting card line.
Poetra recently came back from a tour in the United States and I am itching to see how that experience impacts on her performance.
As I prepare to release my album next year, I make it a point to learn from others who have released poetry albums and who are doing things I want to do.
With her Motherfuckitude EP in the bag, Poetra is raising the Ghanaian poetry flag high and I am privileged to know her and work with her.

Drum Roll, Please Square Flyer
Drum Roll, Please Square Flyer

The show which takes place on Thursday, December 1 2016 at the Drama Studio, University of Ghana will be supported by producer and artist KaySo, the amazing songbird Cina Soul and myself.
I am honored to be sharing a piece of myself with the audience and working alongside such amazing talent.
So what will I be performing that night?
I am still deciding. Though I have a fair idea of what I want to do. There will definitely be rap and poetry. I have not performed in a while since I have been putting in work at the studio on the album.
I however look forward to performing and witnessing the amazing talent especially Poetra and what she has in store for the audience. I hear drums are involved. Can’t wait!
P.S Drum Roll, Please starts at 8:00 PM.
Remember to keep it Hondred Percent!