WTF? Available on Digital Stores

On 27th October 2017, Hondred Percent’s debut album, WTF? became available on the following stores:

  • iTunes
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Tidal

Click here for links to the various outlets

 Wata Poetry Wata Song


A show that features poetry and musical talents showcasing their craft leading to the Chale Wote Festival events on the weekend of August 19th 2017.

The ticket gives you a 20GHC redeemable voucher from Tea Baa‘s menu. For more information on the event click here

Chale Wote Festival

This years Chale Wote Festival sees Hondred Percent perform on two platforms. See details below.

Ehalakasa Chale Wote Concert

Hondred Percent is a performer on the Ehalakasa Chale Wote Concert.

YoYoTinz Shrine


“our shrines, aside all the mystified conceptions we’ve been taught to have of them, are also centres of learning. In the same vein, hip-hop has been corrupted to make it seem uncultured, despite the fact that it is, in it’s truest form, a tool for acquiring knowledge, and in effect, power…”

This year’s shrine, is coming with performances that are going to be embodiments of that, and more. So much more. More of that electrifying vibeliness that was generated inside our station last year – the yoyo tinz Robosapiens inside the Old Kingsway Building in James Town.

Hondred Percent is one of the acts at this years shrine. For more info click here