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Lorgorligi Locomotion: A Logoligi Collection of Poems

This is a scattered jigsaw of poems that come together to exhibit the world in which the artist, Hondred Percent, inhabits. Each poem is a cog, spinning tales and depictions of Ghana, love, Christianity, life, desire, and women.

Just like life, the poems in this book take you on a journey of loco-motion. The path is wriggly with bumps, smooth roads and ups and downs. Thus the term “lorgorligi”*.

The Poet Rapper, immerses readers into his world and thoughts asking questions and repainting the world in his own color.

Lorgorligi Locomotion is a unique Ghanaian kente cloth of diverse colours of poetry that navigate emotional landscapes of humor, hope, tragedy, and identity.


Price: 50.00 GHS

Shipping: 20.00 GHS

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