Poet Rapper

Hondred Percent has releases his second single of his WTF? album. Poet Rapper is Hondred Percent showing his versatility as a rapper and poet. His lyrical prowess rides over hip hop beats that take one back to the 90’s hip hop scene.

Africa Sent Me A WhatsApp Message

Hondred Percent leading to his WTF? album release released Africa Sent Me A WhatsApp Message on Wednesday 17th May 2017. The track captures a conversation the artist has with Africa over WhatsApp about the unfortunate happenings within the continent.

Hondred Percent Live at Alliance Française de Nairobi

Hondred Percent performs at composer and singer, Makja’s show at Alliance Française de Nairobi. The performance is unexpected and was actually never rehearsed.

Ronning Remix feat The Musical Lunatics

This single was performed live at Poetra Asantewa’s Drum Roll at the University of Ghana. It was the first time Hondred Percent had worked with a band. This performance is the result of a less than 2o minute rehearsal.


Ronning is Hondred Percent’s first single ever to be released. Its a spoken word track about a guy attracted to a girl. The guy is narrating his experience with the girl and goes on to ask the girl out on a date. Have a listen here.