WTF? Release Date Set

I finally set the date for the release of my album. So far the feedback I am getting is good. For that I thank God and all those who have supported and encouraged me on this project.
5th June is the date of release. It will be available on SoundCloud and ReverbNation for FREE!
Isn’t that exciting? A whole 100% discount. The reason for this will come out in the following months.
Please look out for a lyric video this week alongside pics and videos of the making of the Ronning video.
Until then keep it One HONDRED!

WTF? Release Date Set

I finally set the date for the release of my album. So far the feedback I am getting is good. For that I thank God and all those who have supported and encouraged me on this project.
5th June is the date of release. It will be available on SoundCloud and ReverbNation for FREE!
Isn’t that exciting? A whole 100% discount. The reason for this will come out in the following months.
Please look out for a lyric video this week alongside pics and videos of the making of the Ronning video.
Until then keep it One HONDRED!

How Far With Ronning

Its been three days since I released Ronning and to be honest I am not too happy with its performance.This is supposed to be my first release and by the second day I had not reached even a hundred plays on SoundCloud. So much for being called Hondred Percent.
Ronning was released on both SoundCloud and ReverbNation on Monday 13th February 2017. 
I now know how mothers feel when they leave their children with a guardian or friends for the first time. I must have opened the SoundCloud app over a hundred times to check on the singles performance. I had let out a part of myself into the web and was worried about how the world will receive it.
At the end of the first day, SoundCloud reported 61 plays. I was happy about the performance but wished for more plays and likes, which got me wondering if I was marketing the single to the best of my ability.
On the second day it increased to 85 plays. Yesterday I checked and I was happy to see the track pass the hundred plays mark.
I also realized that I need to download SoundCloud Pulse: for creators, an app that allows artists to manage their content on SoundCloud.
My Learning Curve
Looking at the work involved in promoting my art and brand, it seems as if creating the art is easier. 
Managing yourself as an artist is hard work. Social media and WhatsApp are great but they are just tools. Using them to churn results is another learning program; and as an independent artist I guess I just enrolled.
This week alone I have had to do some serious work on my Facebook page profile. Call it spring cleaning. I have also added the lyrics to Ronning on genius with some interesting annotations.
All this is to grow my fan base and engage better with fans. To do this efficiently though one needs some apps to help. By the end of the year I will probably be experienced enough to give a talk on the do’s and don’ts as well as recommend apps that are free as well as worth the money.
So far my stats are okay. Facebook is kind of pathetic though. I have less than 500 people liking my page. This all goes to show the amount of work I need to put into my brand. 
I have to rethink how I go about my promotions and evolve into an artist that is seen to truly care about his fans and art. 
This means being more organized and engaging with fans socially online and offline.
What’s Next With Ronning
Video, video and more video. Audio is great but we love eye candy. Don’t worry, an official video is in the works. Next week a lyric video for the track will be released. For now there is a teaser video for Ronning. Lets pray that all this goes to push the brand Hondred Percent.
Keep it One Hondred! 
Now on to figure which video service is better for me. Facebook or YouTube?
Check out the Ronning teaser video here

Ronning Lyrics

Thank you guys for the performance of Ronning these past few days. The single this morning has over a hundred plays. Its a small achievement but I’m grateful for how far I have come and where I am going as an artist.
In celebration of this I am proud to announce that the lyrics for Ronning are now available on Genius.
What is Genius?
Genius explains the deeper meaning behind music.

Founded in 2009, Genius is a unique media company that’s powered by community, our in-house creative team, and the artists themselves. We serve music knowledge to over 100 million people each month on and everywhere music fans connect across the internet.
From the Genius about page
For more about Genius check out the full about page here 
Genius gives you a behind the scenes look at the words behind art. Within Genius you will find interesting facts and comments from the artists themselves and contributors about songs, poetry and anything that contains words.
Genius has a website and an app. I recommend downloading the app to search and contribute to content online.
Ronning Lyrics
Here are the lyrics to Ronning
She was pretty 
Very witty
She had, ‘thingys that made guys forget the cities that they came from 

Therefore they were sprung

They had T-Pain in their lungs

So therefore sung songs on
Samsung ‘cellies 
You see they wanted to be on ‘tele
Be famous just like R-Kelly
Trying to grab attention of this girl who wore
Lace lingerie,
Gucci everyday,
I mean she was black like a PlayStation 3
Walks into the room connects to guys like 3G

You see I had to 
Disconnect and gather my thoughts and then….
Send an SMS 
‘Cos she was just designing stress
‘Cos I was looking at this dress and there was a beating in my chest
‘Cos I am man that rejects…..
Lady, my natural flavour is distinction
Your past relationships I am putting through extinction. 
Give me the time, give me the place,
Give me the chance to debate against your……
Pink mind,
Pink shine of gloss, on lips with no flaws,
That dress words in Versace every time you talk 
Pause for a second as I jot down these thoughts,
And jot down my number as you jot down me yours

And I looked deep into her eyes as I wrote my number and gave it to her and said 

Mine is a 0-5-4-9-4-4-2-0-3-0
I can be your hero 
Sing songs to you better than Ne-Yo
My words, they will fly you to Rio
Give you a time better than Michael Jackson back in the day when he said
“Do you remember” 
Baby I’ve got a mind
Mind of a gentleman
God is within me so therefore I know how to treat woman
You see I don’t have a car but I can drive you crazy 
You need diamonds, I will supply you daily
Cos I’m an N-W-J
Nigga with jewelry
Supplying you with the diamonds of your life everyday
Everybody wants you like the Iphone 
That’s your nickname
Let’s get together and let’s change that to my phone
Cos you are the;
Apple of my eye
I can’t deny
You provide me with wings so that I can fly
Tell me,
Who needs Red Bull when I got you by my side?
Honey, darling, marshmallow with a charming,
Give me your number so I can stop remarking 
I can go on forever you give me the power to go on
Therefore let me use this power to guess your number and call

You see by looking at you you look like one them MTN types so I’ll say you are 054
You have two dimples and do three aerobic sessions
Your charm is a nine out of ten so I’ll say you are a 
(Breathes in to smell)
Oh my!
You wearing Channel No.9
Sagittarius is your sign
So therefore I’ll say you are a 
054 for the MTN
2 for the dimples
3 for the aerobic sessions
9-10 that’s your charm that’s a nine out of ten
9 for your perfume which is Channel No.9
And 12 for Sagittarius which is your zodiac sign
Please be ready at eight to be picked up at your door
Hope you enjoy it. For the meaning behind the lyrics and more,check it out on Genius right here.
Keep it One Hondred!
PS For those that haven’t heard the song you can listen to it here via SoundCloud 

Let Me Tell You About WTF?

On 2nd February 2017, I got hold of my first album. It was an emotional forty minutes as I listened to every track my partner in sound Ike (AKA Boamah Made It) and I had created over a period of eight months through the studio’s speakers.
The title of the album is WTF? I could get down into what the acronym means but that will defeat the idea behind the album. 
It’s not a spoken word album neither is it a rap album. I call it a Ghanaian Hiphop album and leave the album to you when it comes out to conclude on what you think it is.
The album is comprised of twelve tracks. Ten tracks make up the album and the remainder are bonus tracks. The album features no one and had production by Boamah Made It, KaySo Beethoven and myself.
I have so far played the album to a couple of friends and fans and the response has been great. Unfortunately, the album only comes out in June 2017. Until then the plan is to gradually build a fan base via singles of which I will release every month and organize listening sessions to introduce myself to unknown crowds. 
Today for instance I have a listening session with my old high school SOS HGIC. Same high school that artists like Manifest and Paapa came from. Manifest was my senior when I came to the school and Paapa I never met during school because he arrived after I left the school.
The listening session is a motivator for me because for the longest time I have been holding what I consider a gem and I am eager to know whether I am the only one that thinks it is so. I want to know whether what I was communicating was received and whether the content and music within are rich enough to become a timeless classic.
Hopefully I shall get these and more to tonight at the session. I will take footage and pictures and will be sharing them out next week or later. Maybe later as next week I will be busy promoting my first single Ronning which comes out Monday 13th February 2017.
For all those who support me, I appreciate it. Your likes, comments and love will enable me to achieve my dream. I cannot do this alone and need you to help make this dream of mine a reality. Look out for more informing WTF? Keep it One HONDRED! this weekend.
PS I am also on ReverbNation now.

3 Days To Ronning

Last night I released the official cover art for my first single Ronning. The artwork was courtesy of JoJos Conceptions an upcoming graphic designer whose art in my opinion shows great promise.
This single is the next stage in my career as a Spoken Word Artist. 
Since 2011, I have performed alongside many artists across numerous genres. Each having their own uniqueness. I have also studied my surroundings and its people. One however cannot learn everything and this next stage is another learning curve as an artist. 
Each month until June, I shall release a single leading to my album release in June. Three of these singles, including Ronning are not part of the album. 
The album and singles are my way of showcasing my talent and versatility that God blessed me with.

Official Cover Art for Ronning Single
Official Cover Art for Ronning Single

Ronning is one of my favorite pieces because regardless of the crowd its entertaining. It’s a spoken word piece written to bring out a smile on a girl’s face.
The piece had a different name until February 2017. It used to be called “She Was Pretty”. (Lame right?)
I have this bad habit of naming my pieces after the first line of the poem or lyrics. Anyway, I thought that wasn’t fitting in a Ghanaian context and thus the name change; which given the content in the piece, fits perfectly.
The piece on its own without music in the background is good. However, given that Ghanaians are still getting used to poetry or spoken word, I thought it best to add music to provide a more entertaining listening experience. 
Ronning was written somewhere in 2008 in South Africa. If someone had mentioned at the time that in 9 years that this will be my first single I would have said “Get outta here!”
Well we learn everyday. The single will come out on SoundCloud on 13th February 2017. Be sure to look out for it and always keep it One HONDRED!

Dzyadzorm – The Wine Wrote This

I feel duty bound to tell the world of the interesting things happening in the world of poetry in Ghana and beyond. Broadcasting this is a way for the industry and the artist to receive feedback to improve on their craft.
As an artist on a similar journey of revelation, I feel the nervousness sometimes experienced by novices on this road and thus respect any artist on such a journey regardless of their success.
Dzyadzorm is a special lady not only because she is a poet and part Liberian but because of her bold stand on issues facing women. As long as I have known her I have admired her voice and unique take on her subject matter. 
The Wine Wrote This also known as #TWWT is her first EP. I had the privilege of listening to it at a listening session earlier this year. The content is great as it reflects the honest thoughts of a woman with the help of wine of course. (I am not sure whether wine is the cause for the poetry though)

#TWWT track list
#TWWT track list

I implore you to give it a listen and at the very least give feedback on how the pieces made you feel. I am positive that she would appreciate the gesture.
Listen to the album here

Keep it One HONDRED!

Ronning – My First Single

Ronning is my first single which I will be releasing on 13th February 2017. It’s a pidgin word which describes the act of an attracted person charming their prey with words. (In that case you might as well call me a Ronner) 
I wrote Ronning in either 2008 or 2009 whilst I was in University. At the time I was looking for an entertaining piece that could put a smile on a girl’s face and also make a guy go like “damn! I wish I came up with those lines”.
Ronning has over the years been a piece I could rely on to do justice to a dull crowd and thus makes it a fitting piece to start my journey on releasing music. I also deem it fitting, as February is the month of Valentine’s Day.
For those who have heard the piece before, expect a twist to the piece in terms of music. I decided to play with a genre of music which Ghanaians may not be used to but provides in my opinion, the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the track. 
Well I will not say more. Look out for the track on 13th February 2017. 
Keep it One HONDRED!
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Sex On My Mind – Baby Making Music

Would you blame me if after watching or listening to a good selection of both local and international popular music I declared that I was horny?

I want your body sleeping in my bed…..

Excuse me to say but I have come to the simple conclusion that a lot of the current popular artists on blast are sex experts.
That’s Actually Inaccurate.
A more accurate term will be sex enthusiasts with a lot of pride and a somewhat narrow vision that human beings can’t get down on the dance floor if sex is not involved. 
Though Robert Kelly is not exempt from this label, his style seems to have been duplicated and become more raw as opposed to flavored by those following or continuing in his footsteps.
This is not to say that music from the past or before I was born did not face the issue I raise this day. For purposes of this post, “Baby Making Music” shall refer to songs discussing sex.
Past Baby Making Music
Horny” released in 1998 by Mousse T, Hot ‘n’ Juicy and Inaya Day;”Shoop” released in 1993 by Salt-N-Pepa;”Sweat” released in 1993 by Inner Circle; “Turn Off The Lights” released in 1979 by Teddy Pendergrass; “Feel Like Makin’ Love” released in 1974 by Roberta Flack and “Sexual Healing” released in 1983 by Marvin Gaye are but some of the hits that are rife with sexual connotations.
What I love about all these songs mentioned above however is that they do not express, (at least to me) the explicit nature of the sexual act. This does not apply to song like “Sweat” by Inner Circle or more popularly known as “A la la la la long”. 
This karaoke favorite explicit nature comes alive in the chorus when the lyrics go “push it, push it some more” and yet when I was a child, when this song played at social gatherings, I had no idea what was being said let alone that it was inappropriate.
Music in the past on sex had a somewhat suggestive tone or an agenda towards foreplay than the real act. The creativity, lyrics and production went hand in hand, creating classics that cemented the artist as talented as opposed to being a sex enthusiast or for lack of a better word, a freak.
Raw Sex Music
Unfortunately music today on the subject of sex is too raw. It diminishes the value of the act and portrays it as something cheap to be given up easily. This contributes to the general attitude towards sex by all especially the youth. 
Sex is portrayed as a phase in the adolescent life cycle and given the same green light provided to alcohol. The sad thing is that even alcohol has some value and “drink responsibly” labels. Sex on the other hand, along with the current trend of music as a prospectus or background music, is a to-do-list item with no string attached and not enough explanation of the consequences and responsibilities that come with it.
But We’re Just Having Fun
The music is so raw sometimes that when couples dance to it, refusal of sex afterwards by females sounds pretty irrational. After all when the lyrics played and bodies moved, everything about your actions were promiscuous and suggested that both of you were down for mating.
Socially and morally this is a problem. The more this goes on, the more it seems that music today can not be successful unless it is about sex. 
Music is for everybody to dance and enjoy; I strongly believe that there are tons of concepts to stimulate our mindsets to enable all have fun in a manner that is not degrading. 
It’s The Musicians Fault Then
Artists or musicians sometimes forget that with their art they are communicating. Society perceives you as your music. The youth consume this art and sometimes even live by it as a code. We owe it to them to communicate things that will challenge them and lead them to the truth. 
That is not to say that music on sex should not be made. However, if baby making music or sex is the idea or theme of the project or track, then it should be done in a creative, inexplicit manner that doesn’t degrade the act.
In the current trend of local and international music where the definition of what is cool is almost equivalent to not making sense, artists need to rewrite this narrative to portray their work as one spurred by a blessing, talent or creativity of sorts as opposed to a silly set of mindless actions over a beat with half said words with anyone barely hearing what was said being passed of as music and much worse a hit.
So After All Is Sexed And Done
All I am saying is that we can do better and even if it is sex we want to talk about there is a better way it can be done than what is currently dominating the airwaves.
Is sex or baby music bad? Keep it One HONDRED! and share you thoughts