Pimpinaa MiCheck Review

PimpinaaStories by the Fireside is a modern, pidgin, spoken-word, love story, wrapped in conversations between poets embodying different characters.

It is a poetry duet, sung by voices from Ghana and North America exploring the different stages in the love cycle to explore the unfamiliar and familiar, in a different light to reveal another side of the sentiment known as love.

Pimpinaa Album Cover

Ghana-based poet S.Losina and American born spoken word artist ShaiYaa, embark on a journey that ShaiYaa says would not have been possible, had she not gone abroad.

ShaiYaa studied in Ghana for four months in 2018 and underwent an experience that reshaped her creative trajectory.

Mutual love for Ghana and pidgin connected S.Losina and ShaiYaa. Their collaboration resulted in a documentary-style album of love showcasing its different sides.

The scenarios in each track of Pimpinaa, are familiar, and like parables, hold a moral. The artists use rhyme, pidgin, accent, and culture to strike a contrast, creating a unique viewpoint of the various issues discussed.

Aside from a unique viewpoint, the project explores relationships between western and African cultures.

The spoken word style by each artist, characterized by language and accent, reflects the cracks and beauty within the relationship of love and cultures.

Ignorance is one of these cracks explored in this river of words. The artists do well to showcase it and the different scenarios and cultures.

To some degree, the album mirrors the stereotypical nature of people to other cultures and reveals that often in love, assumption is at play.

The content is solid and well written; featuring themes ranging from puppy love, abuse, hope, family, and ignorance.

S.Losina’s emotion is felt in each character he plays. His rhyme scheme and humor are well placed; articulating the typical Ghanaian attitude to the scenarios cast in the project.

ShaiYaa’s voice is beautiful but lacks the emotion which we see in S.Losina. We, therefore, hear rather than feel the emotions of her characters. ShaiYaa must however be praised for embracing and falling in love with pidgin. Her pronunciation of certain pidgin words is honorable but sounds lackluster in my ears. It however doesn’t take away from the beauty in her work and the project as a whole.

The interludes in the project must also be recognized. They are brief but important transitions keeping the album together.

As the name of the album goes, Pimpinaa is a call declaring that a new voice of poetry is here. Not only for the west or the diaspora but for the Ghanaian as well.

From the cover art to the interesting conclusion in the final track, Pimpinaa is a different brew of the poetry I am used to.

I hope say this no be the last we go hear” from ShaiYaa and S. Losina.

Listen to Pimpinaa here

Written by Hondred Percent

About the poets


ShaiYaa is a 22-year-old Black creative who was born and raised in Connecticut, USA but relocated to North Carolina in 2013; she earned a BA in English and TESOL certificate from East Carolina University in 2019. While moving to the south played a major role in who she is today, four months spent studying abroad in Ghana in 2018 completely transformed the trajectory of her life as a fiction and nonfiction writer, poet, and spoken word artist. ShaiYaa uses her pen and voice to uplift, heal, and bring light to a world desperately in need of it.

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S.Losina is a Ghanaian born creative hailing from Nima.

His love for art from a young age forged his creativity and during a stage performance after high school, was discovered by one of Ghana’s renowned movie directors, Abu Idi.

The director helped him gain a scholarship at Ghallywood Academy of film acting where he studied acting, writing, and voice training, to master his craft.

As a poet, he draws inspiration from his surroundings and utilizes pidgin often in his works.

Not limiting his talent to only poetry, he has also starred in movies with well-known Ghanaian Actors such as Umar Krupp just to name a few.

Follow him on Instagram @s.losina

4 Shege Reasons: Eye Red – MiCheck review


4 Shege Reasons: Eye Red Album Art, Front

The image I am starting at screams of “Akira” at a distance. It seems the 1988 Neo-Tokyo, cyberpunk anime served as inspiration for the latest project by Ghanaian spoken word artist, WhoIsDeydzi.

I see no drawings of motorcycles and biker gangs in the artwork so I may be wrong about the anime connection but the artwork screams of concepts foreign to what one is used to in the realm of Ghanaian poetry.

4 Shege Reasons: Eye Red Album Art, Back

The cover art continues to the back section which details the tracklist and reveals a Morpheus look-alike holding a red and blue pill in both palms.

This looks like the missing or bonus material in the “Animatrix” collection. I guess the Wachowski brothers movie, “The Matrix”, is rather the inspiration and not “Akira”.

(The Matrix is however said to be inspired by Akira so I guess there is some connection)

Eye Red, is an ambitious artistic project about politics, religion, and finding oneself. WhoIsDeydzi is heavily vulnerable in the body of work and truly uses his art to express his questions, frustrations, and will to persevere with pidgin, poetry, and real-life conversations.

From the prelude, listeners are offered a glimpse into the mind of the young poet. The journey starts off hopeful, gradually turns dark, and finally, into a scream for help to understand oneself.

The album shines with creativity, features, classic hip-hop beats, and rap that get you bumping and nodding internally.

The content is relevant and colorful. Pidgin, punchlines, and bluntness are sprinkled with swear words to paint the reality in which the artist views the world and country in which he resides.

If you love wordplay, there is enough imagery to consume your senses. There is also a nice balance of skits, poetry, and music to complete the scenery of WhoIsDeydzi’s version of the matrix.

The album however is nineteen tracks long and can be summarized as an amalgamation of about three EP’s.

The track arrangement could easily be split three ways into themes of struggle, religion & politics. Identity is the common denominator amongst the three.

The tracks are unique, though, in certain instances, it feels one is listening to a remix or alternate version of certain tracks.

There is a clear repetition of ideas and themes which tend to drag the project towards the end. Thus one listens waiting for something new to be said and is left slightly disappointed.

Disappointed not because the track is unfulfilling but because the track order has exposed the listener to the artist’s greatness and ingenuity; leaving one expectant of something fresh.

Despite these negatives, the project clearly has the makings of a classic. The concept is crisp and truthful; addressing and incorporating the current social climate and everyday questions and struggles that Ghanaians face.

The features on this project are awesome compliments to the poetry by the main artist.

KariJay on the track “Hometeam” breaks the monotony of the project and injects a youthful vibrance to the album. Her lyrics of hope despite the pullbacks of life create an anthem that anyone riding on a mantra of ‘by all means necessary’ will jubilate to.

(This is my favorite track due to the optimistic sentiments by Karijay in the chorus.)

Blaqad on “Pray for Me” lends his voice to the chorus like an essential color of thread in a kente fabric being woven. His presence is a layer of truth and a reminder of the songs that life sings to us every day.

4 Shege Reasons, is a bold submission in the creative space. I believe it will have a good reception and provide lessons to the artist in his upcoming projects.

WhoIsDeydzi is just getting started and I can’t wait to see how the world receives this epic, and hunger for what is next.

Welcome to the Ghanaian Pidgin Matrix.

4 Shege Reasons: Eye Red, comes out on Monday 6th July, 2020.

Click to listen to stream or buy the album.

Written by Hondred Percent

Dodzi Korsi Aveh, known in creative circles as WhoIsDeydzi, is a Ghanaian creative who tells stories through, spoken word poetry, hip-hop, theatre, film, and paint.

He also works as an educator and advocate for Pan Africanism, mental health, and the environment.

He is regarded as an eccentric performer that has captivated audiences through numerous thrilling performances across the genres he expresses himself in.

Dodzi uses his art to speak out on things he is passionate about as his own way of campaigning for social change.

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