Don’t Worry

Have you ever lost something important? Money, passport, ID card, bank cards, receipts, certificates etc

Its an awful feeling that makes one wish their body had a rewind button to retrace their steps. You search high and low for the item and wonder where it could have gone.

Such situations literally suck the life and fun out of a day. All because you are forced into a game of hide and seek that you don’t seem to be good at. The stress and worry about something that for the moment does not want to be found is indeed staggering.

Today I am going to share with you my secret on finding such items. This is after you have thrown a search party and still are unable to locate the missing item.

  1. Stop worrying

This is the first step to finding the item. How is worrying going to help in the search for the item? Not worrying rather let’s you carry on with life and presents more opportunities for you to walk right into the item than worrying.

2. Pray

I know what you are thinking. God probably has better things to be concerned about right?

No matter how small or big a deal this missing item is, it matters to God as well. Commit the search party into God hands and relax. This is similar to playing those video games where you have an option to release an amazing move at the tap of a button when you are at your wits end.

God our Father is all knowing and all seeing. If He cannot find it then it’s not meant to be found.

  • 3. Remind yourself to STOP WORRYING
  • Since you are human, you are likely to worry despite leaving things in God’s hands. The situation is in a professionals hands. You couldn’t do a better job if you tried. Stop worrying and relax.
  • 4. Accept your fate
  • More often than not you will find the item. Sometimes it will take a while before finding the item and other times you will never find the item.

    Whatever the outcome, accept your fate and live a happy life giving praise to Him. There is a reason why things turned out the way they did.

    From personal experience this is what I do and always find what I am looking for.

    Recently I lost my Passport and a number of important documents as they were all together.

    For the life of me, I could not remember where I had left my little bag of vital documents. I had looked everywhere and decided that it was likely to be in the office.

    Alas, whenever I entered the office, I got so busy that I forgot to look for it.

    I had retraced my movements on the day I noticed it missing and remembered where I had been but doubted that I left such a thing behind. If I did I trusted a call will come through informing me.

    Now it has been almost a week and I have not yet found this bag. I was a bit worried for my passport and ID cards were missing but I chose to stay cool instead.

    Today as I got to the office I looked around for it and still did not find it. I committed the bag into prayer and continued my day believing that I would find the bag.

    On my way home from work. I said a short prayer and left things in God’s hands. As I approached home, the Holy Spirit prompted me to look in a place in the house that I could have sworn I checked out. Behold, as I looked there, there it was. I was overjoyed in God’s unfailing track record.

    For a week I could have stressed myself out and panicked. How would that have benefited those around me?

    I instead trusted in God to have my back and went about my life knowing that I had a dependable entity on the job.

    Faith in God is displayed in various ways. Use such situations to build your faith in the Almighty. If God cannot help you find whatever it is that is missing how do you expect Him to deal with your salvation or finding you when you lose your way?

    Just keep it One Hondred and give the Big Man a shot. It’s a free service after all .

    “Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.”

    ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:6-7‬ ‭MSG‬‬

    What Is Wrong With Being Selfish?

    Part of my problem with the world today is society’s uncanny attitude to stigmatize things.

    It’s 2019, the internet seems to be working all right making us connected to a truckload of information and yet we are not as open minded as one would think.

    Cultural, social and religious reasons are why some of us find it difficult to change our view on concepts.

    Today however, I want to challenge you to reconsider your thoughts on a type of behavior that has long been been viewed as bad.

    The dictionary will add other spices to the meaning but society largely views selfishness as thinking only about ones self.

    But what is wrong with that?

    What is wrong with being selfish?

    Largely, selfishness has been viewed in the negative light as behavior not in the best interests of society. Ironically, all around us, including governments and churches, we see many instances where people and organizations have acted selfishly to the detriment of others.

    I however believe that this is the popular side of the coin for selfishness. The side that goes about being selfish to the detriment of others. What is on the other side of the coin of selfishness?

    How many of us are living lives that have been planned, dictated or orchestrated by others? Living a lifestyle just to please someone other than yourself.

    How many students have been forced to pursue a course they were not interested in but was what their parents wanted?

    How many have married the wrong person not out of love but out of society or family’s STRONG recommendation?

    How many are pursuing a career path to please others and not themselves?

    At the core you are not happy and continue living this lifestyle which plunges you deeper into sadness and sometimes depression.

    What good are you to anyone if you are not yourself?

    Often times we think about everyone except ourselves and are not honest enough to address the problems that exist in order to live better.

    I am not advocating for people to be selfish without considering the consequences. I am challenging all of us to examine our hearts to find whether we have overestimated our capacity to love.

    Maybe there are some things we have to come to face with. Some realities we have to address in order to be that person who can genuinely think of other people.

    We all would love to be helped by people and loved ones who GENUINELY wanted to help. There are many people who are doing things for other reasons not in any way good.

    It reflects in our daily life. We see it in customer service and other aspects of our lives which end making a difference between us having a good day or a bad day.

    We see it in the attitudes of people and it is present in today’s world because we hear the word “stress” a lot.

    Take a minute today to search yourself and honestly consider focusing on bettering yourself.

    This may involve saying “no”.

    It may involve resting.

    It may involve prayer.

    Whatever path you choose do it to become a better person. For you are no good to anyone if you are broken.

    Be real with yourself and consider being selfish today.

    Keep it ONE HONDRED!

    Be Optimistic Like The Red Devils

    I am a proud die hard Manchester United fan. By die hard I don’t mean I watch every game, enter arguments or get THAT emotional when things go bad for the team. After all I am not getting paid like the players but I will support the team in good times and bad times. I guess you could call it a marraige.

    I decided to become a Manchester United fan in 1999. It was a couple of days before the UEFA finals that year and there was a lot of talk in school about whether Manchester United would beat Bayern Munich.

    People were taking sides and at that time I didn’t have a clue of what was going on or the history that the two teams had built for themselves.

    I am not really a soccer person but it felt wrong to not be bothered about this game and the ticket to participate in the discussions, arguments or pride talks was to choose a side.

    Manchester, I believe by the UEFA finals had already won the Premier League and the FA Cup and were in route to obtain the UEFA cup making it a treble. I on the other hand had no clue about this and did not utilize this as a reason to choose Manchester.

    I only leaned in the direction of Bayern Munich for patriotic reasons or so I thought. Samuel Kuffour, was a Ghanaian defender on the Bayern Munich squad so my thoughts initially were in favor of Bayern.

    I did not make a decision till the day of the match. My younger brother was a Manchester fan and I guess on the day I decided to trust in the colour red and trust in my brothers tastes. We had sibling rivalry like any other normal family and I didn’t think soccer would have been a good reason for us to fight. So I went with Manchester.

    Bayern were the first to score that day and I remember asking myself in thought whether I had made the right decision. But I stuck to my red colour.

    In the closing minutes of the match I did think of announcing my divorce from Manchester. After all, this was my first match as a fan. I felt the rules would permit me to leave as a fan and move to Bayern as long as the match is not over……..but I stuck with Manchester.

    In extra time miracles occurred. In quick succession, two substitutes that came in before extra time delivered the saving goals that saw Manchester win the treble and saw me become a fan for life. Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer were the substitute players who saved the day to the shock of the Bayern players and fans who believed they had won.

    Fast forward almost 20 years later, Manchester find themselves in similar waters in the UEFA cup. Honestly, I didn’t watch the match between Manchester and PSG but followed the highlights. I wasn’t surprised by the performance of the club. Such optimism hasn’t been felt in Manchester for a while but when the manger leading the team on is no other than Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, an individual who has seen the team persevere time and time and again and has a spirit of hope, anything is possible.

    I won’t bore you by breaking down how Manchester we’re victorious that night but rather shift the tone of the conversation a bit.

    Part of the reason why I am a Manchester United fan is because on and off the pitch the team has a never say die attitude that has seen it become the most valuable soccer team.

    This is a team that almost went bankrupt; had a fair share of financial problems; had its stadium bombed during the world war and lost an entire football squad in a plane crash amongst other disappointments. That coupled with their battles on the field which sometimes prove difficult make them a team that gels with my spirit of optimism.

    If you are going to be optimistic then you have to have unshifting faith. Had I at the last moment moved as a fan to Bayern Munich, I would not be able to revel in the joy celebrated in victory minutes later.

    Sometimes we have fought or struggled towards a goal always believing that things will change; only to give up at the very minute that things were about to change for good.

    The question is how do you know when that change is coming? My answer is you don’t. However, the benefits of hanging on to what you believe outweigh giving up. (If you’re fighting for a good thing)

    Things may be bad for you and yes, it may seem as if you are destined for failure. Nevertheless, you have to believe in yourself and keep fighting on.

    This is always easier in my opinion if you have Jesus with you. He always knows how to provide the right word or send a person your way to encourage you.

    “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of Life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” – James 1:12

    So don’t give up. It’s easy to think that the successful are successful because they’ve always had it all but that’s not the case. Everyone started from somewhere including great Manchester United.

    “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” – Galatians 6:9

    You too can accomplish the mission deemed impossible. As long as your intentions are pure and you are right with the Lord. It’s just cooler when you are a Manchester fan and more importantly believe in Jesus.

    Keep it ONE HONDRED!

    My breakup with Social Media

    Hondred: Thanks for meeting me on short notice. I have been trying to have this conversation with you for a while but it’s been difficult getting the words out of my mouth.
    SM: Y didn’t u just link up on Whatsapp or DM me on twitter or something?
    Hondred: I could have but I prefer doing this face to face as opposed to sending messages and stuff.
    SM: K so wassup?
    Hondred: There is no easy way to say this but here goes. I don’t think this relationship thing is working. There is too much going on. Every minute something is happening and let’s face it you hog and demand attention.
    SM: Gimme a min. Sori I didn’t get dat I was responding 2 ma gal on Twitter. Say that again.
    Hondred: (Shaking my head) your attitude just confirms it. I don’t see you adding any value to my life right now. At first I thought I did but lately I realize that I am too connected to you. So I know things I shouldn’t know and I feel obliged to respond and act a certain way online with you. I don’t believe the impact I want to make is what we have right now so I think we should break up.
    SM: WOW! I definitely didn’t see that comin. But can’t we work things out?
    Hondred: I don’t know. When I think about everything and add your bad grammar and spelling to the mix. It makes things even more complicated. I mean don’t get me wrong I see the importance of having you with me, it’s just that right now I need some space. Maybe when my head is clear and I am less stressed I will find a way of making this relationship work.
    So the conversation above never happened but in a fantasy world somewhere, this could have been the way I broke up with social media.
    I don’t know about you but sometimes the notifications, information and updates feels overwhelming and stressful that one needs to take a break from social media.
    For a couple of weeks now that’s what I have done and honestly it has given me clarity and insight on the toxicity that social media can cause in ones life.
    Constantly being on your phone and being out of touch with reality has its negatives. Without the right perspective and balance one can end up prioritizing their phone and social media than family or personal life. Peoples lives on social media rarely mirror their reality. The selfies at the malls proclaiming life is good do not reflect what is in the fridge or what one is having for supper that night.
    There was a time where every morning I woke up I would check my phone for updates on how many likes I had received or how many people have read my blog post. Is this what I live for? I feel sad even thinking about it.
    As a Christian it affected me because I was not spending time in the Word as I wanted to due to me prioritizing activities on social media and leaving no time for God.
    As an independent artist it’s crazy because you have to develop content to put up to keep fans and potential fans informed and interested in your brand. Without a team to help you it becomes extremely difficult especially when you are juggling a 9 to 5 as well.
    Welcome to my world. At a point I was blogging about something each day. It was quite the challenge and I rather enjoyed those times but being realistic it took up a lot of time and often I felt like I was forcing and rushing the content than actually talking about stuff in a manner that will bring about impact.
    I guess it boils down to the question of “why bother?”
    I mean I could choose to be an observer and not contribute on social media. However, I take the gift that God has blessed me with as an artist and realize that part of being the light and salt of the earth is to share information that helps, encourages or brings about positive change.
    Keeping quiet for me is quite selfish for there is a lot I experience daily that I believe the world can benefit from. This specific blog post is an example and I am doing this to connect with others who I know go through emotions similar to those which I have shared in this post.
    I just have to plan my social media life better in a way that doesn’t bring about stress. I should do it for the love and not for the likes. For the impact and not the stats. Remember, just because the stats do not reflect your desires doesn’t mean your work has not impacted someone.
    People have walked up to me and reminded about some things I had done in the past on social media which I never thought gathered any attention. You will be surprised the kind of offline action that social media has. It’s just difficult to report on but it does happen.
    So if you are like me and broke up with social media or are considering breaking with her/him. Try reflecting instead on how you can make the relationship more meaningful and less toxic.
    Keep it One HONDRED!

    Nude Videos, Judgement and Jealousy

    Over the weekend a WhatsApp group informed me of a nude video of Rashida of “Mala**ka fame, painting the internet red with some three flies. 
    You don’t need to watch long to declare the video offensive and disgusting. Even without the flies its disgusting and unfortunately quite sad. (Those poor flies)
    Later that evening as I scrolled through my timeline on Facebook, I came across a post from Ghanaian actress and media personality, Ama K Abrebese reiterating a point she made about Rashida in a previous post where she quoted a section of an article written by Manasseh Azure Awuni about Rashida.
    The quote termed Rashida a deviant deserving public sympathy as opposed to praises. You can read the original post here. It also has a link to Manasseh’s article as well.
    I agree with Manasseh statements especially the part about her deserving our sympathy. Unfortunately however, some saw this post by Ama as a jealous attack. 
    If you scroll through the comments you will see some very ridiculous sentiments that makes you wonder whether they understood the context of the post.
    I had to reply to some comments and later realized that there was an army of Ghanaians that my logic wouldn’t penetrate through. I realized that the behavior displayed through the comments is a reflection of the moral decay in our country.
    A good bunch of us are hypocrites. Lets admit it and stop pretending. This is the problem with Ghana. We don’t like to call out wrong doing and when someone does, instead of us applauding, we rather call the person jealous or a hater.
    Such ignorance is sometimes displayed in conjunction with religion where by some via comments on the post, called Ama out for passing judgement. That’s when I realized that people are really confused and begun wondering whether we read the same bible.
    Just because you call out wrong doing doesn’t mean you are judging. Its just acknowledging that wrong has been done. It is good for society to call out wrong and right more often for it sensitizes the public on morality. 
    Just take a look at the nonsense that goes on in our society. Traffic manners, sanitation and sex videos or nude photos being sent out by Mr. Anonymous. This practice of wrong continues and is encouraged by us and our silence is evidence of our recommendation. How are the vulnerable to know something is wrong if we don’t speak out?
    I say this not claiming the title of saint, for in my life time I have changed my wrong ways because it was called out.
    I acknowledge that there are different opinions on what’s right and wrong; that majority is also not always right. I however prefer a society of varying arguments on what is right and wrong than a silent one that leaves the vulnerable and younger generation with little choice in the area of reason. 
    Lets all speak out against wrong doing. Even if we are proved wrong we learn from it.
    Keep it One HONDRED!

    Park and Chop Kiss

    Shatta Wale’s song “Chop Kiss” comes to mind when I think of this unfortunate incident. It won’t surprise me if it was on the mind of the policeman that decided to kiss a female driver of whom he had never met before one evening whilst on duty.

    My reaction to the policeman's kiss
    My reaction to the policeman’s kiss
    Now if your facial reaction to my opening paragraph turns your face into my illustrated reaction in the picture or something worse, you join many people around the world who felt the same way on twitter when the victim tweeted the incident.
    This is the second article relating to the recent abuse on women in Ghana. The previous article dealt with the Minister for Gender’s comments on rape you can check that out here
    Tweets from victim

    The pictures above detail the tweets by the victim on twitter. In summary she was stopped by the police whilst driving home for a routine security check. The policeman asked her to step out of the car and proceeded to kiss her on the lips. She questioned why he did that of which he responded saying, “I don’t know”. She then sat in her car and proceeded to find a police station to report the incident. Unfortunately finding a police station to take her seriously was more difficult than expected. One station even laughed at the issue.
    Fortunately an investigator has been put on the case and the policeman responsible has been identified and he has pleaded guilty.
    My Thoughts
    Such disgraceful conduct by police should not be tolerated. Police are to protect and serve the citizens of Ghana, so how does a routine security check enable a policeman to stain the honour of the police institution (that is already questionable) by stealing a kiss from a woman? 
    What sickens me however is not the kiss deprived policemans actions but that of his colleagues who probably do not know him in other stations. How can you laugh at such an issue or ask the victim to forgive the guy?
    I am a Christian and as much as I am all for forgiving, it doesn’t mean that his wrong should go without punishment. The culprit and the police who failed to take this seriously are simply not fit to serve on the police force. 
    Security in our nation that has enjoyed peace for all these years is not a matter to be flirted with. We as citizens are to be able to trust the police to enable them carry out their duties. Such repugnant behavior by the police does not encourage Ghanaians to begin trusting them with issues. 
    I mean if this incident attracted laughter then what of sexual assault, rape or other crimes that involve men abusing women?
    This is how some staff of the police of Ghana treat such an incident. Though it is not the whole police force, it does present us a nation with a view of how abuse of women is dealt with. In my view this needs to change and not only for the police force but all public institutions and the people of Ghana. Women are human beings lets take their issues seriously and curb such acts that are disgraceful to the honor of men.
    Keep it One HONDRED!

    I Hear Rapists Love Mini Skirts

    I think a bunch of people ganged up together and decided to piss females off in Ghana or around the world these past few weeks.
    From the Marwako incident, the Minister for Gender and Social Protection, Otiko Afisa Djaba remarks on rape and clothing, policeman kissing female driver and Ghana football Association (GFA) officials being charged with sexual harrassment by FIFA (I must admit after hearing both sides of the story its a tricky one), this here is more than just coincidence.
    To top that all off women are pissed; and when women are pissed you better duck for cover. 
    This however is good grounds to discuss the issues at hand and educate those ignorant in areas that the world finds unforgivable.
    I am going to try and tackle three issues in three different blog posts. I shall start by looking into the Ministers comments on rape and clothing.
    Now this really pissed a lot of people off. It pissed them off to the extent that some are calling for the Minister to be replaced. Below was the comment made
    “In conclusion, I want to say to you, be bold, be confident, be respectful. If you wear a short dress, it’s fashionable but, know that it can attract somebody who would want to rape or defile you. You must be responsible for the choices you make,”
    (The article detailing the comments and Ghanaians outrage can be viewed here)
    The fact that she is a female and also the Minister making those remarks hurt many women. I hadn’t read the comments she made at the time and reserved my comments until having read the article.
    I however had a long and interesting conversation about the issue before reading the article. It was with a female friend and I must say that the conversation changed the lens in which I viewed the whole matter.
    Initially I did not see the big deal with comments of clothing having a possible correlation with rape; as long as clothing wasn’t perceived as the sole reason for rape.
    The more I tried to justify the possible correlation however small, the more I realized that it probably had very very little to do with rape. 
    I don’t have statistics but I do have a number of close friends who have been raped. These are not girls who are indecent or love to show skin. Yet they were the victims of rape. 
    Truth be told unless you have been in a victims shoes, dealt with such issues on an intimate level or bothered to honestly know more, it is hard to understand why the comments made by the Minister are wrong.
    In fact, this is notion about clothes and rape is a global myth and not one unique to Ghana. So though I am sympathetic to her flaw, I equally understand the pain that her words caused.
    So yes, maybe you do need someone who understands victims of rape better as a Minister; but maybe this is grounds to educate people and dispel a myth that unfortunately has sunk its teeth deep into the minds of people all over.
    I can bet you that a number of high ranking officials, both male and female from all walks of life assume that there is a correlation between clothing and rape.
    The conversation on this issue should be encouraged to eradicate the ignorance that exists. The rants to curb such discussions with the notion that it “justifies” the excuse by the culprit is something I disagree with. 
    There is no excuse for rape by a sane person. Discussing possible causes for rape provides an opportunity to those discussing to learn and rid the notion of a correlation that doesn’t exist.
    So lets engage each other and read more about this issue to dispel this painful myth that suggests that rape victims “ask for it”. 
    If you do believe that there is a correlation lets talk and learn from the discussion without emotions. It is hard but once emotions are brought in, it seems like more of an attack than a discussion. 
    Lets keep it One HONDRED and dispel the myth because rapists are not particularly interested in mini skirts.
    Look out for my posts on the next two issues

    Kenyan Tea

    Kenya has brought the English out of me and turned me into a tea loving African, drinking tea as if it is an elixir of youth.
    Kenya is one of the world’s largest black CTC tea producers. Tea is actually a major cash crop for Kenya. Its a major export bringing the country majority of its foreign revenue.
    Since my arrival here I have been drawn to two brands of Kenyan tea. (Lipton is no where to be found here yall)

    Ketepa Pride Tea
    Ketepa Pride Tea

    Ketepa Pride and Melvins. Ketepa Pride has a number of flavors which I am yet to savor. Forest Fruit flavored black tea is what I was introduced to as Kenyan tea and I have been a lover ever since. 
    I drink tea at least twice a day since I got here. What freaked me was the variety of flavors available here. Which brings me to the next brand, Melvins. Now Melvins has a hibiscus black tea flavor. Let me let that settle for a moment……..
    Melvins Sobolo Tea
    Melvins Sobolo Tea

    My eyes lit up when I saw that flavor. All I kept thinking about was “OMG they have sobolo or bissap tea!”. The taste is heavenly. This is what I have been sipping in Kenya people.
    Well its time for tea rafikis but here lies my dilemma will I drink forest fruit or hibiscus?
    Keep it One HONDRED!

    The Lion King and Swahili

    If Hakuna Matata is the only Swahili word you know then you need an orientation into the language.
    Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase popularized by Disney’s ‘The Lion King’. Though popular around the world, it is a detested phrase in Kenya. So refrain from using the phrase or singing Hakuna Matata for the ‘no problem’ or worries song could leave you with a lot of trouble.
    See it as how a black person living in the USA may take offense if a stranger called him or her a nigga.
    Swahili Words
    Though Hakuna Matata is not advisable to use, there are other Swahili words within the Lion King that could get you on your way around Kenya. 
    Simba, Rafiki and Pumbaa are all Swahili words. Simba means lion, Rafiki means friend and Pumbaa means foolish.
    Other words that are interesting are the Swahili words for welcome and thank you which are Karibu and Asante respectively. I for one find it beautiful that Asante means thank you.
    Swahili also has a slang version called Sheng. Its kind of a mix between English and Swahili. 
    The phrase that sticks out to me is the phrase for ‘what’s up’; which is interesting because the first time I heard it I thought someone was asking me if I knew where Kofi was or if I was Kofi.
    Strangely enough I am a Friday born and bear the name Kofi. (Though no one ever calls me that). I digress; the Sheng term for ‘what’s up’ is ‘uko fiti?’ and the usual response is ‘niko fiti‘ which means ‘I’m good’.
    Well this my rafikis is where our lesson ends today. Look out for tomorrow’s post on Kenyan tea.
    I will like to send a special asante to my Swahili teacher Waksy who is also a singer. Check her out on twitter or instagram @waksy_ or on Facebook @WAKSY
    So be a Simba and don’t be Pumbaa.
    Keep it One HONDRED!

    My First Days in Kenya

    I was not sure of what to expect when I landed in Kenya. The immigration officer seemed excited when she read my invitation letter stating that I was a guest poet. 
    “Are you a good poet?” she asked.
    For a moment there I thought I was going to give her a performance after my confirmation and though that didn’t happen, I was prepared to talk about her eyes looking like diamonds for a while.
    Stepping outside the airport exposed my traveling error of not finding out about the weather before packing my clothes. It was chilly and reminded me.of harmattan in Ghana. I prayed the temperature was not like this in the day. 
    My hosts Ian and Mufasa looked like long lost brothers from a distance and we immediately got acquainted and quite frankly have been talking non stop about poetry, music and everything in between since we met. The zebras chilling by the airport though beautiful did little to sway our conversation.
    Our conversation from 2AM that Saturday, took us to see the morning sun and I slept enough to put energy into my legs. The time difference in Kenya is about 3 hours behind that of Ghana so I was a bit disoriented. I woke up to a Kenyan breakfast of jipati which I took with golden syrup and tea. I loved it. 
    On Sunday Mufasa and I went into town to see a show at The Alchemist. We boarded a number of graffiti mini buses called ‘matatus’ to get there.
    I was treated to art, fashion and beautiful Kenyan women. East African women are blessed with beauty and confidence. I am not talking about a particular frame of woman, for all the women there had something interesting and eastern about them. 
    The venue itself had a carnival concept with a bar, a stage with a big bus for a back drop and a number of food caravans for people to grab something to eat. 
    The Movement, a Kenyan band came through and killed it! I loved their music and it reminded me a bit of Ghana with their tunes.
    I met a wonderful lady at The Alchemist who became my Swahili teacher. I will talk about that later. For now I am having a good time. Today Ian gives me a lesson in creating an Electronic Press Kit (EPK).
    Keep it One HONDRED!