Want a Doughnut?

I grew up watching a lot of TV. Back then the VCR was the DVD and my parents had me consuming western culture unknowingly. 
One item that kept popping up whilst I watched TV as a kid was doughnuts. Police men in USA seemed to live of the stuff. Images of beautifully decorated doughnuts were displayed so colorfully that it made you wonder why the lady that sold doughnuts in my neighborhood couldn’t magically conjure her doughnuts to have similar impact.
Well after years of patiently waiting for that magic to happen, the time has finally come for Ghanaians to enjoy a variety of doughnuts from a confectionary that focuses solely on this dessert.

Dough Man Foods logo
Dough Man Foods logo

Ladies and gentlemen, foodies and sweet tooth cravers alike, allow me to introduce to you, Dough Man Foods, the home of Ghanaian doughnuts (that’s my line). 
If you pass me off as a doughnut connoisseur then you are mistaken. I am not that big on doughnuts; however from the first time I sank my teeth into the Dough Man Foods doughnut, I fell in love. It was as if the doughnuts were the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden and I had taken a bite and been exposed to the  truth which is 
I never knew doughnuts in Ghana could taste soo good“.
Dough Man Foods has three doughnut types.

  1. Suger Coated: This is the classic doughnut as we know it.
  2. Fillings: Doughnuts without the ring  but promiscuous with filling of either jam, chocolate or custard.
  3. Toppings: the classic doughnut but with toppings of your choice.

Dough Man Foods has a great amount of varieties to choose from. Check out the various varieties available here.
Even though the toppings and varieties are a western concept, the prices of the doughnuts are not crazy. In fact I am confident that as prospective customers on a doughnut journey, the dough (money) to experience the flavor and taste is affordable.
Doughnuts from Dough Man Foods are priced at a maximum of 3 GHS per doughnut. I am not sure whether you can purchase a single doughnut. However, I will advise that you purchase a pack of five or ten. 
Its either you will fall in love and consume everything or enjoy it with a hot beverage or milkshake whilst sharing with your twin or invite someone to help you devour.
You can hit them up by calling any of these numbers:

  1. 020 110 0533
  2. 054 868 0146

Oh they also deliver so make use of that as well.

My doughnut order from the other day
My doughnut order from the other day
Authentically Ghanaian 
Dough Man Foods prides itself on using Ghanaian ingredients in making its doughnuts. From coconut to peanut’s and all things in between, Dough Man Foods tries as much as possible to patronize Ghanaian products.
Go On, Place An Order NOW!
So what are waiting for? Get to ordering and have fun munching doughnuts with your friends and colleagues. 
Check out Dough Man Foods website for more information on the brand and what they do.
Keep it One Hondred and let me know how you journey to doughnut land tastes like.

Kelewele Heart Break

Kelewele (diced, spiced, fried plantain) and I have an intimate relationship that has lasted many years. Other Ghanaian dishes are jealous over our love and have tried their best to break us apart. 
My studies in South Africa were the hardest as plantain is not grown there. 
One day I craved kelewele so bad that I bought the biggest bananas I could find and fried them in hope that I would get a taste close to kelewele. 
I need not go into the details of my dissapointment and the laughter that ensued but needless to say, my friends thought I was crazy to fry bananas. 
They didn’t understand my kelewele love.
So some weeks back I posted an article titled “You’re Invited” where I used a picture of kelewele as the feature image.
A good friend of mine praised the article but wasn’t impressed with the picture used. As the chat reveals, there is a story behind that picture I wish to share today.

My chat over the Kelewele choice
My chat over the Kelewele choice

Ever since I took that picture I have not purchased kelewele. It was one Sunday evening in June 2016, when my lips missed the kiss of fried plantain. I was on my way to drop a friend when the craving hit me. I asked if she knew any kelewele joints and she directed me to a kelewele seller and offered to purchase on my behalf. I gave her 6 GHC and asked her to use her judgement to buy enough.
She came back shortly and said that the kelewele is sold in multiples of 3 GHC. I nodded giving the go ahead unaware of what that implied.
(I never understand why we break a 10 GHC purchase of kelewele into 5 batches of 2 GHC with the idea that we will get more)
Once I got to her house I decided to eat the kelewele there as I was hungry. Ladies and gentlemen the image below is what I saw and I felt insulted by the quantity that surrounded the plate.
3 GHC Kelewele as at June 2016
3 GHC Kelewele as at June 2016

How do you serve a true kelewele lover this amount? 
Around that period, plantain prices were up. However, common sense dictates that advise should be rendered in such a situation. Tell me that 3 GHC won’t satisfy a kelewele fan and ask that I purchase 10 GHC to ensure that I am satisfied. That’s customer service! Kelewele is not a starter! It’s the freaking main course! Chale, I was so hurt that I didn’t even eat the kelewele. 
If kelewele is being sold for sensible prices now let me know. Until then I will rather fry my own thing at home to prevent the heart break I experienced.
Are you a kelewele lover? Comment and share your experience.
Stay winning and keep it One HONDRED!

New Grill in Labone

If you love meat like I do then this is an article for you. 
The Gold Coast Foods shop in Labone, just opened their grilling service on Monday 14th November 2016.
They are situated on the Ndabaningi Sithole road. The same road as Bosphorus restaurant, Zenith bank, UBA, Labone Coffe shop and Cupcake Boutique.

Google map screenshot of The Gold Coast Foods, Labone area
The Gold Coast Foods Location

The Gold Coast Foods shop in Labone is not new. They have just expanded their range of services and I believe it’s a great idea.
I first noticed them on Monday as I drove around Labone. As a meat lover, nothing peaks my attention like two black grills on a street side. I knew that grilled meat was on the menu but I was so busy that afternoon that I couldn’t stop by. 
The Gold Coast Foods, Labone grills
Grills at The Gold Coast Foods, Labone

I was hungry that very evening so drove over to find out more about the service. Here are the details:

  • Jerk Pork and chicken is available. Chicken has the option of wings or thighs.
  • A meal is 20 GHC which includes the meat of your choice with a side of either fried rice, kenkey or yam chips.
  • If you just want the meat that’s 15 GHC and an extra side is just 5 GHC.
  • The meals are packed in microwaveable takeaway packs and your choice of pepper sauce from the company’s signature sauces.
  • They open from 12 PM to 7 PM, Monday – Saturday. (I was there after 7 PM and they were still open)

Chicken being grilled at The Gold Coast Foods, Labone
Chicken being grilled at The Gold Coast Foods, Labone

The Gold Coast Foods Chili Sauce
The Gold Coast Foods Chili Sauce

I have tried both their chicken and pork and both are good. Though I am a pork guy, the chicken they do is soft on the bone and well spiced so will be taking that again on my next visit.
So if you are looking for a meal and love meat, I urge you to give The Gold Coast Foods a try. It’s worth it and you will be back for more.
(I came back the next day)
Hondred Percent and the lovely staff at The Gold Coast Foods, Labone
Hondred Percent and the lovely staff at The Gold Coast Foods, Labone

Contact The Gold Coast Foods, Labone on 0303933903.
So when are you visiting The Gold Coast Foods, Labone ? Let me know when you do.
Stay winning and keep it One HONDRED!

You Are Invited

“You Are Invited”
A half baked trick question that requires the recipient to respond in the negative but never provides guidelines on the procedure.
It’s Ghanaian in nature and sometimes very irritating. Author Alba K Sunprim addresses this very issue in her book “The Imported Ghanaian” but unlike Alba however, I am not imported.
I have never understood why you invite someone to eat with you when you don’t mean it. (If you use this term and are generous with your food I apologize. This post is for the hypocrites that do)
I recall an incident in my younger years at a friends house. They had some friends over about my age and as was the tradition in the home, my friends mother made pancakes (my kryptonite). 
I had gobbled my share and was hoping for an opportunity to “chop” some more. (chop is the pidgin word for eat) 
As my mind  reminisced on the last bite, an invitation was made to me. 
“You are invited”, said the young lad who had just received two pancakes straight from the frying pan.
My hopes had transformed into prayers and the Almighty Lord has answered. My lips widened for a smile and uttered a sly thank you. Which saw me proceed to take a seat by my new friend in the kitchen and help him devour his pancake. 
I helped my self to one piece which hit the spot just right.
My new friend was in complete silence and disbelief at my actions but couldn’t utter a word of resistance. Scolding by my friends mother followed but the damage was already done. In my defense, I was invited. My friends mom just shook her head and gave the boy another pancake.
As he received the dish he looked at me and this time offered no invitation. I let out a smile and thought to myself, “That lesson tasted good!”
As you keep it One HONDRED! should you always invite people when eating?

Copy Cat Business

Copy Cat is a global term, popularly used to refer to plagiarism in Ghana. It is used where someone is caught utilizing copy and paste mechanisms or CTRL-C and CTRL-V for short 😁. It is usually confined to the academic arena but for lack of creativity, has creeped into our business sector.
(Why the cat has been tagged with this trait is unknown to me. I guess their sneaky and cheeky nature, won them the coveted title)
So here I was last night after work, going through my timeline on Facebook for news to ponder on, when I stumbled upon this post.

Owner of Calabash Brews complains  on Facebook about stolen concept
Calabash Brews Concept Stolen
My first reaction when I see posts of this nature, is to hear the other side of the story. Awuradwoa to prove her case attached photos of a post, marketing her business which was the same (ditto ditto – As we say in Ghana) as that of her competition in Cape Coast, Tintontin Brews. Here are the pictures.
Calabash Brew Marketing Post
Calabash Brew Marketing Post
Tintontin Brews Marketing Post
Tintontin Brews Marketing Post

To ensure that I was not drinking out of one calabash, I quickly searched for Tintontin Brews on Facebook to investigate the allegation made towards them. 
Their landing page had negative reviews from audiences familiar with Calabash Brews. (This is not looking good)
I compared their pictures and more importantly, the text used in the pictures above.
My verdict?
Tintontin Brews was indeed the copy cat.
I have no issue with the concepts being similar. I am a firm believer of “there is no new thing under the sun”. It all depends on who pulls it off best. 
Calabash Brews is not the first Ghanaian business or people, to introduce the concept of local drinks at events. The concept in it self is not unique. The same goes for the idea of calabashes and decor seen in the pictures. However, branding sets businesses with similar concepts apart.
MTN, Tigo, Airtel, Vodafone and Glo are all selling the same concept. They however go about it differently using colours and themes associated with them to set them apart. Even Airtel and Vodafone, both known for their distinct red colour, have clear differences. 
When mobile money touched the shores of Ghana, the networks seized the opportunity and added their unique names to the concept. No copy cats in this industry. (More like dogs chasing the same bone)
So I don’t have a problem with Tintontin Brews concept. The problem I have with them is their code of ethics. 
From the above posts, it is difficult to sway the perception that the intention by Tintontin Brews, was not to copy Calabash Brews and their branding (except for name of course).
If only they had changed the text used in the post above, I would have been writing in their defense instead.
It gets worse when Awuradwoa reveals, that the owners of Tintontin, called her and asked for the opportunity to expand in Cape Coast.
This is not behavior that is inspiring nor smart. It is not cool, wrong and should be frowned upon . Everyone is trying to make their mark out there. The least you can do is to add a twist to your concept so people can tell the difference. 
This is the same issue going on between Apple and Samsung and their devices. In this case though the culprit is caught red handed. 
I however like the idea of competition. Tintontin Brews should apologize and continue doing business. There is enough room in Ghana, Accra and Cape Coast for that matter for local beverage services to reap from. The repeat business of roasted plantain (Kofi Brokeman) sellers along the same street, is evidence that there is enough demand to go around.
What should be frowned upon though, is copy cat competition, such as that revealed in the pictures. Let’s hold ourselves to a higher standard and be reputable for our creativity.
Keep it One Hondred!

Kalyppo KRAZY! – Top 10 Kalyppo Challenge Pics

Once upon a time a presidential candidate took a sip of Kalyppo and Ghana went KRAZY!
(Kalyppo is a fruit drink by Aquafresh Ltd popularly served in 250ml packs)

Kalyppo  Pineapple Juice 250 ML
Kalyppo Pineapple Juice

If you are in Ghana and haven’t caught on to the Kalyppo social media sipping picture craze, then you are missing in on some serious fun.
The Trend
The trend apparently started when a picture of the NPP (New Patrotic Party) 2016 presidential candidate, Nana Akuffo Addo, circulated on social media networks.
Whether this started as a mockery or not is not clear. All we know now is that what begun as a simple quest to quench thirst, has blown up bigger than World War II.
(I guess Nana Akuffo Addo who I see as a bald Harry Potter has cast a spell on us all. Below is a bald me attempting to do the same.)
Hondred Percent taking the Kalyppo Challenge
Hondred Percent Kalyppo Challenge

The Challenge
The challenge is simple (Though never stated explicitly). Take a picture of yourself drinking Kalyppo (in a fun way of course) and post it up on social media.
The challenge apparently was started as a means to show support for NPP at this year’s presidential election. This however, is not why I joined. I took the challenge because I wanted to show my love for Kalyppo in a fun way.
The whole Ghana is now having so much fun with the challenge that vendors of Kalyppo according to pulse.com.gh are reporting record sales. The sales in the eyes of Mustapha Hamid, spokesperson for the NPP flag bearer, is an indication that the presidential candidate is hugely accepted by the populace. (Slow down my friend)
Why Is It Going Viral?
One should be careful of the interpretation of this Kalyppo trend. The challenge has reached a point where news agencies, politicians and journalists can gain valuable insight into why Ghanaians are participating in the trend.
In my view the challenge is going viral because of the following three factors:

  1. Political: NPP supporters wanting to show support.
  2. Brand Loyalty: Lovers of Kalyppo showing their love for the brand.
  3. Fun: People just having fun.

I am not sure which factor leads the polls but I would appreciate feedback before speculation.
Great Opportunity, Poor Management
Despite the viral nature of the challenge, I feel Kalyppo, NPP and its flag bearer from a marketing perspective, are not milking this cow for what she is worth.
There is no clear call to action on the stakeholders social media pages supporting the challenge.
Possible NPP Marketing Strategies 
By now there should be campaigns linked with Kalyppo on NPP’s social media pages. Party leaders should capitalize on the trend and participate in the challenge. Share Kalyppo at rallies and meetings and take selfies or just get Kalyppo vendors to attend with a promise of guranteed sales. (One Meeting One Kalyppo! Who won’t come?)
Official Hashtag 
Is it #TheKalyppoChallenge, #KalyppoChallenge, #1Kalyppo1Change ?
The official hash tag has not been communicated properly. Official hashtags should be created for fans to use in support of the goal of the campaign.
(But alas 😔, there is no goal to this. Definitely no driver in this trends driving seat. No wonder it’s viral cos that’s just crazy!)
Surely, whoever is managing the digital marketing of both Kalyppo and NPP are under capitalizing on this opportunity.
Kalyppo Strategy
Kalyppo should ride this wave and ride it fast. A challenge for the most fun picture with Kalyppo for people not interested in the politics of things should be launched with prize money. (I mean, it’s already happening. Ghanaian’s are trying to out do themselves in this challenge without guidelines already)
Sales are bound to soar for Kalyppo and will probably escalate should NPP win the election. The brand is reaping the rewards of the trend but needs to structure their marketing efforts to have greater impact on sales and brand awareness.
Food For Thought
This product has often been marketed as a drink for kids yet this trend is being driven by the working class.
Proper marketing can get kids and teens involved and expand the consumer base further driving sales.
I personally would advise going for a Guiness World Record. The atmosphere is right and Ghanaians will gladly participate.
Why this is happening is a mystery. I however believe a nostalgic desire merged with Ghanaian pride and in some cases, politics is the cause of this. Both NPP and Kalyppo however should do better to utilize this asset towards achieving their goals.
Well Kalyppo and NPP, I believe you owe me a cold Multi Fruit Kalyppo.
Before I sign off however, let me leave you with my top 10 Kalyppo Challenge pictures.
Top 10 Kalyppo Challenge Pics
The only rule: All pictures must be taken with a Kalyppo juice box in the picture

Kalyppo Challenge- Nana Akuffo Addo
Kalyppo Challenge- Nana Akuffo Addo

Obviously this is the reason why we doing this. Some will argue that it should be no.1 but I disagree. Definitely a classic but not the best.
Kalyppo Challenge- Hondred Percent
Kalyppo Challenge- Hondred Percent

Y’all are going to say this competition ain’t fair 😁. (Well, suck on a Kalyppo!) I believe I took the first selfie with two Kalyppo drinks at the same time  (Why does Future’s – Same Damn Time, play in my head at this very moment?)
Kalyppo Challenge - 3 Kalyppos
Kalyppo Challenge – 3 Kalyppos

I guess I didn’t hold the record for long 😑. Genius over here beat me by making it three. Hey look we like the same flavour.
Kalyppo Challenge -  Litre Challenge
Kalyppo Challenge – Litre Challenge

Whilst we are drinking juice packs this guy doesn’t do straw. He does liters.
Kalyppo Challenge -  Gallon Challenge
Kalyppo Challenge – Gallon Challenge

This guy do all! Talk about taking things World Cup 😦.
Kalyppo Challenge - Man drinking Kalyppo with Dog
Kalyppo Challenge – Man’s Best Friend

Dog is man’s best friend. What better way to enjoy Kalyppo than to share with a buddy. After all, this morning workout causes a sweat.
Kalyppo Challenge -  Drinking Kalyppo via Handstandd
Kalyppo Challenge – Handstand man

Speaking of workouts, “I can do all things”, says hand stand man. I must say, that Kalyppo seems to be defying the laws of gravity. (Are we sure juju is not at play? 🤔)
Kalyppo Challenge -  Manakin taking a sip of Kalyppo
Kalyppo Challenge – Kalyppo Manakin

I must admit this pic almost took number one. The creativity involved is too much. The manakin, the manakin’s weave, the fact that the weave is being styled and the stylist provides her client Kalyppo 😂. This right here is customer service.
Kalyppo Challenge -  Kalyppo Radiator Coolant
Kalyppo Challenge – Kalyppo Radiator Coolant

The caption to this pic says it all. The 8 GHC purchase earned this pic No.2.
Kalyppo Challenge -  Kalyppo  Pushup
Kalyppo Challenge – Kalyppo Pushup

Kalyppo in its finest moments- in the hands of a kind dictator. #KalyppoPushups (hey that could be the next trend)
A lot of marketing ideas have been given to Kalyppo for free out of love for the juice. Can you do better? Do you have a better Top 10? Comment below and let’s chat.
Hope you enjoyed this article. Drink Kalyppo and keep it One Hondred!

I have no political affiliation, just support for the Kalyppo brand.

5 Dollars for 8 Scoops

Happy World Smile Day! 😀
Ice cream prices are not usually quoted in dollars.(But if rent and property are in Dollars why can’t the same be done for ice cream)
Ice cream, a wonderful frozen milk treat that sends your taste buds to heaven and back has been putting smiles on our faces since their Milky Way was discovered.
Everyone likes ice cream!
(Even terrorists)
The devil is rumored to have a lick from time to time as a means of visiting the heavens. So be wary of anyone who doesn’t favor an ice cream from time to time.
My favourite ice cream flavour is Pistachio. That’s something you are not bound to find easily in Ghana on the street.
For flavours other than Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, (Of which Fan Milk does a tremendous job) one needs to visit a good ice cream shop.
When I was a teenager, that shop was Frankie’s on Oxford Street, Osu. These days we are privileged to have the likes of Pinnochio’s, Ci Gusta and Frankie’s to support our indulgence in sweet sin.
I have tried ice creams from all shops and found that Frankie’s gives the best value for money deal.

Frankies Ice Cream Prices
Frankies Ice Cream Prices

The weather these days encourages a lot of cooling down mechanisms. 20 GHC for 8 scoops of ice cream is a cool deal to bring out that smile. That’s 2.50 GHC per scoop. You are not going to get a deal like this at the other shops.
Don’t get me wrong the other ice cream vendors companies do a good job. Each has their speciality and perks but if you are looking for good ol’ fashioned ice cream in the loads, then head to the blue tall man’s house with a hat. (Don’t get confused I just described Frankie’s logo)
Frankies Oxford Street , Osu logo
Frankies logo

I usually share with my wife and she’s all about coffee ice cream (but ironically not big on coffee). So she gets about 6 scoops of her choice of which 4 scoops go to coffee and cappuccino. Depending on the craving her choices expand to the 8 scoop limit. (But that’s the complications of Marraige)
So what are you waiting for? Grab a partner and take a stroll to Frankie’s and buy ice cream. Our weather commands it.