Why Hondred Percent?

It all started in December 2010, when I was on my flight back to Ghana from South Africa.
For the past five years I was in University in South Africa. It was here that I developed myself as a Spoken Word Artist and Rapper.
I had proven to myself that I could hold my own as an artist, however, I needed a stage name to pursue my dream as an artist.
Then BOOM! It hit me….
100% (That was back then). My first thought was, “Dude that sounds like a Kanye West name, it has a BIG EGO”. Ego had nothing to do with it though.
100% was a challenge to me to be the best at my craft. So it’s not a statement that I am the best but that I am striving to be the best. Not only as an artist but as a human being and Christian.
I changed my stage name from 100% to Hondred Percentin 2016 to create a unique persona and brand in order to making my online presence easily visible and to distinguish myself from a term that the world uses for description.
The name Hondred may sound weird to folk outside Ghana but for us it’s the way the Ga people pronounce hundred (Not all Ga people do this by the way but they are known for that language feature). The “h” is silent when pronounced with words.
Just as my name challenges me, it also challenge others to fight for the same purpose.
Hondred Percent is a brand that is synonymous with my Christian mission to be the light and salt of the earth. So I challenge you to be your best everyday. Do not settle for perfection in one aspect of life, live for it in all aspects of life. Only then will you be truly fulfilled.
So stay real and be true to yourself. That way you will always bring out your best and rid yourself of negativity.
Keep doing you and keep it One Hondred!