Logo Meaning

Hondred Profile
The Hondred Percent logo is made up of five adinkra symbols. The Adinkra symbols express various themes that relate to the history, beliefs and philosophy of the Asante. They mostly have rich proverbial meaning since proverbs play an important role in the Asante culture. Other Adinkra symbols depict historical events, human behaviour and attitudes, animal behaviour, plant life forms and shapes of objects.
The symbols are used by Ghanaians and the world for purposes of expression. Likewise, Hondred Percent uses the symbols to reveal what the name stands for.
nsaaAs seen in the image above, each symbol represents something the artist stands for. The Nsaa symbol however is the symbol that truly represents Hondred Percent as it stands for excellence and authenticity.
The four symbols within the Nsaa symbol come together to create excellence, greatness and authenticity.