Hondred Percent aka Paul Forjoe Jnr is an Accra based Poet Rapper, who has dazzled audiences with wordplay and poetry on love, Ghana, Christianity and even the mosquito.

He is the 2014 and 2015, Ehalakasa Slam Champion and has an album titled “WTF?” released in 2017.

He has featured on stages in Kenya and South Africa and is currently working on a book to be released in 2021, and an album to be released by September 2020. Click for more….

Why Hondred Percent?

It all started in December 2010, when I was on my flight back to Ghana from South Africa. Since 2005, I was at University in South Africa. It was here that I developed myself as a Spoken Word Artist and Rapper.

I had proven to myself that I could hold my own as an artist, however, I needed a stage name to pursue my dream as an artist. Click for more….