WTF? Album Five Year Celebration Announcement

It’s been five years since I released my debut album as an artist. The strange thing is that I didn’t realize it has been that long till I decided to take stock of my achievements as an artist.


This album is important because it became my key to unlocking the world of publishing. More specifically publishing in the music world. It pushed me to learn and develop my music, poetry, and brand into what it is today. It’s weird because the album feels like a degree yet the education came after.

As I type out this blog post, I am reminded of the beautiful experiences and lessons I have had since the release. The more I reminisce the more I feel obliged to share my ups and downs on this lorgorligi journey.

Upcoming independent artists will benefit from it but so will everyday folk with an appreciation for the lifestyle of an artist.

So in celebration of 5 years of WTF? being out, I want to announce that I will be releasing videos I shot years ago but never got around to releasing. I will also be blogging a bit more to update you on virtual and physical events in October that I will be having to celebrate this achievement. There is something big I will be unveiling next Monday so stay connected to my activity.

Kindly take note that the PaGya Festival takes place this weekend starting Friday 15th October – Saturday 17th October. I will be holding a music and poetry workshop on Saturday and be part of a panel on Sunday 17th October 2022 to discuss the journey after I released my first poetry book, Lorgorligi Locomotion. All the events will be at the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA) at the Dubis Center. For more details on these events and other events taking place at the festival, visit the Writers Project website.

So enjoy the content I will be pushing out during the next few weeks. If you’ve never heard the album or listened to it in a while, give it a listen. As always, let me know your thoughts. They mean the world to me.

Keep it One Hondred!

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