Last 2 weeks on Saturday 6th November 2021, I launched my first book Lɔgɔligi Locomotion at Accra Ridge Church. Through the support of family, friends and fans the launch was successful. This means a lot to me because people got to see my craft in a different light.

From decor, fashion, program line up and refreshments, all boiled down to my decision making. It wasn’t easy but I am glad everything worked out. Though promotion of the book is still ongoing, I want to use this opportunity to show my gratitude to the following persons.


When people have the opportunity to give thanks, it is likely God is going to be mentioned. This however is not a cliche opportunity but rather a testimony of His greatness.

My relationship with God has improved because of this book. God motivated and encouraged me throughout this journey of poetry. Walking me through experiences and blessing me with a voice to pen down.

Through Him I have met people and in the past weeks. He proved to me that when I trust in Him I can rest assured that He got it covered.

“Lord I thank you!”

Ghana Writers Marathon

Hondred Percent and Prince Mensah at the 1st Ghana Writers Marathon Graduation

As much as I liked the idea of putting together a book, the credit to making the book a reality goes to Ghana Writers Marathon and more specifically Prince Mensah.

Hondred Percent and Prince Mensah

This man has inspired me to keep pushing my pen and is truly and individual who believes in creative writing skills of Ghanaians. He works hard and selflessly to ensure that myself and others had their books published.

Anyone who worked with him from last year can attest to his kindness and heart. I pray I am successful enough to credit my greatness in part to the push given by this new budding institution.

My Family (Part 1)

My Dad and siblings were at the launch last week and blessed me with more than their presence. They have been with me since the beginning of this artistic journey in Ghana and seen my growth. Their pride in me and my craft is testament that I am heading in a good direction. I pray my future success makes them proud.

Sweeter Than Honey ?

Sweeter Than Honey is a wonderful clubhouse space that started early this year and has become my new favorite family. We sped our mornings studying the Bible and have developed a beautiful bond that displays Christian love in its truest form.

Hondred Percent and members of the Sweeter Than Honey Family

It is made up of individuals (mainly Ghanaians) all over the globe. This wonderful family supported me with opportunity and encouragement in a big way and I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with new friends and family.

My Family (Part 2)

Hondred Percent and Family

To my dear wife Dzifa and my landlords (sons) Bobo and JP, you are the reason I do this. You have stood by me in my ups and downs and tiredness as I slaved to make this possible. From looking at a screen of words to seeing the physical copy and having people acknowledge my craft. The reward is for the family to share.

I pray our children are inspired by this victory and encouraged to make their dreams come true.

Final Shoutouts

I cannot mention every name but this is to those in the back ground who made the day possible. To my ushers, Felishia, Eugene, Joseph, Angie & Jessica, I say Thank You. To Maxwell, you didn’t let me down and came through for me at vital moments. I am grateful for that.

To Chief Moomen and Apiorkor, my auctioneer and MC; you killed it. You were stellar.

To Emma Ofosua, you were the star in the background.

Toastmasters with Apiorkor and Chief Moomen

To my Toastmaster family my hats go off to you as well for your encouragement and support

Thank you all for making the day successful.

Finally to all those who bought a book, supported my cause and witnessed the launch I say thank you. Your words and feedback hailing my work is your gift to me. It is greatly appreciated.

Always Keep it One Hondred!

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