One Love

One of the reasons why poetry is so powerful is because it’s multi dimensional. People often limit it to books or performance but there is more to poetry than just words.

I have begun to explore the different dimensions of poetry with social media and art.

Yesterday being Ghana’s Independence Day, I decided to try sharing my poetry differently. So playing with graphic design applications I posted my poem “One Love” on my Instagram feed.

27 individual posts made up the poem. Majority of the posts have an individual message but play a role in the big picture which can only truly be embraced by viewing my profile page.

The poem though short touches on Ghana and her desire to unite its people under the banner of love. The piece touches on how the concept of love is interpreted to mean different things and asks questions as to whether we are truly seeking love as a nation and people.

Over the month of March and more, (depending on how long it will take) I plan on using my blog to break down the poem and discuss the elements within. I will touch on why I used certain images and why I used certain lines to further expand the details in the poem and show people how powerful poetry is.

A screenshot of one of the 27 posts of the poem “One Love” on Instagram

I urge you to search me up on Instagram @hondredpercent to view the poem and share your thoughts. This is quite the experiment I am embarking on so I am unsure as to what will result from this and what both audience and I will learn from this process. I however look forward to it.


Here is the poem:

One Love

Ghana raised Wanlov but we don’t have one love

Our independence made us free to allow one love

We fell in love with democracy and not one love

Corruption came along with that and that’s one love

to the one bud that got the power

To him that’s one love

Selfishness is his curse and that breeds love

But not the kind we need to make it as he does

In Ghana the real question is how do we love?

Cos we love to talk a lot and that breeds doves

of hope and conflict. The parties know it. Yes we love

a back and forth but that’s our fault cos we lack enough

as it is already to stay as we are

I am tired of this already but that’s not enough

Cos maybe its only me and that’s not one love

Maybe you are tired too and maybe that’s two love or true love but time will tell if we are really all for one love

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