Why Me? – My Birthday Prayer

Dear Lord,
I am humbled by your gift of life.
Years into my life on Earth I realize I need you more than ever.
I am unworthy of your help and mercy yet you shower me with grace and blessings which always lead to the question, “why me?”
If I ever doubted your love today you have shown that I am special.
A thank you is not enough.
All I can do in my helpless state is to depend on you and praise your Name.
You love me not because of what I have done but because I am your creation.
Thank you Father for this wonderful gift of life.
I am truly humbled.

2 Replies to “Why Me? – My Birthday Prayer”

  1. Because It lives within you!
    Because you are the essence of God which is Love!
    Because you practice freedom.
    Because you and the Light are Baako
    Because you are being transformed by the renewing of your mind!
    Because you as created in Love and Love is what you are!
    Mama Makedaism?

    1. Hi Mama,

      Thanks for this message. Sorry for the delay I was fixing up my website thats why. Hope you are blessed.

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