Where Were You When Gas Exploded?

Last Saturday 7th October 2017 was a display of tragic fireworks that made Ghana wish Superman came to our aid. Alas, Superman is only fictional and even if he wasn’t, the chaos and crime in the world that day may have prevented him from being a hero to Ghanaians. (Black Panther who is near by may be a better option). 
As the explosion occurred I was at another explosion less disastrous occurring in the East Airport vicinity.

A baby shower was happening for my sister and two teams of family and friends were exploding with answers and at each others throats trying to win points for the coveted honor of wearing a baby shower medal.

It was during the shower that we heard news of the explosion. Thanks to our smart devices, social media and the internet, all were abreast with the current situation and quickly checked in on their loved ones to ensure all was well.

That however did not stop us from engaging in our baby shower games which by far was the best I have been to. I have to credit my little sister and friend for putting this together. They did a marvelous job.

Its however interesting that on a night set to celebrate the coming of a child, an explosion occurs that took away life and more. A debit and credit of life was occurring and I just happened to be on the life side of things at a baby shower designing a onesie and writing inspirational messages on diapers.

I designed one of these

Hondred Percent’s Onesie design


Here is a little poem I wrote about Saturdays event titled “When the gas exploded”

When the gas exploded 

When the gas exploded

A fire was born

She fed on fuel and shone soo bright 

She turned night to day

But caused dismay

Hurting whoever came her way

When the gas exploded 

Eyes grew wide

Some stayed still 

Some run for their lives

Some overreacted, others too slow

Some confused as to where the fire may go

When the gas exploded

Chaos was born 

A twin of the fire but filled with scorn 

She burped stampede and farted a confusion spree

This was a baby without manners indeed

When the gas exploded

Babies were born

Their light shone brighter than fire and chaos’s scorn

Their cry was gentle, their laugh was sweet

They provide hope as fire and chaos sleep

Where were you when the gas exploded?

Keep it One Hondred!

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