I’m An Android But Want To Be An Iphone

There are moments in our life when we envy. Its not a good feeling but when we are in that moment we want to be someone other than ourselves. 

I have experienced this at different stages in my life. I am however grateful that my faith in God led me to realize that I am unique, beautiful and capable of great things. 

Believe it or not but someone envies you. Even if you don’t think you are worth much, someone would kill to be in your shoes or live your life. So we got be grateful for what we have got. 

I know it’s not easy and this inspiration literally just fell on my lap. So I wrote this poem using smart phone technology that I feel will paint a different picture of envy. 

I know android lovers will be pissed at why I am making android envious of iphone but don’t take it personally ………. also don’t ask for my opinion on that as well.

Well here is the piece I hope you like it:

I’m an android dreaming about going to the big Apple to become an iphone.

Thus every night I sleep in 4g to enable the connection to be faster.

My pastor claims my dream is impossible.

I say he doesn’t believe in miracles, 

For my cousins in Dubai and China have already made the change and are now iOS 

I Own Self, is selfishness claimed the pastor

Why do you wanna change from unique to oblique?

Delete your unique to deplete your belief that you are beautiful?

Not content with your content

No longer seek consent from your beauty cos you think that it is nonsense

So your conscience now condescends

And I wonder whether you descend into an illusion of greatness or whether you are all together


I may expand on it later but for now this is the poem. Here is a pic for you to share on instagram if you like.

Remember keep it One HONDRED!

2 thoughts on “I’m An Android But Want To Be An Iphone

  1. Theophocus.poet says:

    Charley merhn, a great of art a masterpiece by all standards. Merhn, and you’re gonna add more? I can’t wait man.


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