Will I Ever Get To The VGMA?

So the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) was the center of attention once again last Saturday 8th April 2017. 

If you had a show that day and suffered poor attendance my sympathies go out to you. 

Ghanaians love the VGMA and are either watching on TV or at the show themselves taking up the job of fashion police and satirist for the evening with social media.

If you thought Ghanaians didn’t care about fashion, the VGMA will change your mind and give it a bow tie to rock whilst the changing goes on. The event could easily have been mistaken for a fashion show.

The “who are you wearing?” question however pissed me off. It was an irritating question that hinted at a lack of content to be discussed by guests. Did every guest on the red carpet need to be asked that question?

I am not much of a fashionista so let me save my rant. 

Now as an artist i asked myself, “Will I ever get to the VGMA? Will it be one of my future highlights?”

Gospel singer, Joe Mettle, VGMA Artist of the Year 2017, in an interview after the awards said that he doesn’t make music with the VGMA in mind. Impact is what he looks out for.

I resonate with that goal. As an artist impact is what I aim for. I aim for my art to touch people and make them happy, reflect, ponder and hopefully change their attitude about something depending on what the poem or song is themed on.

If an award comes along as a result that’s great. If I am recognized for championing a cause, awesome. 

Awards help in the impact process. Your popularity increases and you are afforded a platform to make a change. 

Its tricky sometimes as there is tug of war between the pleasures of fame and reality but if you are grounded in your purpose you will make a difference.

As my video comes out tomorrow I know not where it will take me. People will like it and people won’t. This is my first step in putting out a video. Failure being the mother of success, I am on a path to victory. 

Go out there and be the best you can be. If you get an award for it that’s great. If you don’t continue until you reach your goal. Remember an award sometimes is not in line with your objectives.

“Not all who are crowned Kings are really Kings. Not all fiancées who get rings are really the Queen. Certificates are just paper the skill is really within. Awards are just indicators, the prize is really the VIM.” – Hondred Percent

Keep it One HONDRED! and watch out for the Ronning video tomorrow.

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