Kenyan Tea

Kenya has brought the English out of me and turned me into a tea loving African, drinking tea as if it is an elixir of youth.
Kenya is one of the world’s largest black CTC tea producers. Tea is actually a major cash crop for Kenya. Its a major export bringing the country majority of its foreign revenue.
Since my arrival here I have been drawn to two brands of Kenyan tea. (Lipton is no where to be found here yall)

Ketepa Pride Tea
Ketepa Pride Tea

Ketepa Pride and Melvins. Ketepa Pride has a number of flavors which I am yet to savor. Forest Fruit flavored black tea is what I was introduced to as Kenyan tea and I have been a lover ever since. 
I drink tea at least twice a day since I got here. What freaked me was the variety of flavors available here. Which brings me to the next brand, Melvins. Now Melvins has a hibiscus black tea flavor. Let me let that settle for a moment……..
Melvins Sobolo Tea
Melvins Sobolo Tea

My eyes lit up when I saw that flavor. All I kept thinking about was “OMG they have sobolo or bissap tea!”. The taste is heavenly. This is what I have been sipping in Kenya people.
Well its time for tea rafikis but here lies my dilemma will I drink forest fruit or hibiscus?
Keep it One HONDRED!

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