Ghana at 60 – What We Need To Do

Happy Independence Day Ghana!
Ok, so I am a bit late with my celebratory message.
What a weird feeling. I feel nothing this Independence Day. Nevertheless it is good to ponder over independence and where as a country we are going. 
At the moment with a new government in power it looks promising. I find it remarkable however that a devotional reveals even more hope as well as offer a solution to the strange yet ironically uncomfortable yet promising position we find ourselves.
Those familiar with the “Our Daily Bread” devotional will realize that it’s 6th March 2014 message speaks about a dog called Dingo. The message which is by David Roper, talks about the Dingo’s enthusiasm whenever his master is fishing. It describes how he barks in excitement whenever a fish is caught till when the fish is released. (Don’t ask me why it’s released I don’t fish)
David goes on to say this:
“Dingo’s enthusiasm taught me something: It’s better to get more excited about what others are doing than what we are doing”
That does not sound Ghanaian at all! 
For me at the time it did not even sound scriptural. These devotionals however never go unaccompanied with scripture and lo and behold, David pulls out a scripture to support the above statement. 

Philipians 2:4 - Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also the interests of others.
Philipians 2:4 – Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also the interests of others.

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also the interests of others.-Philippians 2:4. 
Wow! How am I only hearing about this now. I guess I am to blame for not studying the Word thoroughly. I am however grateful such a message has come to me at a time like this when I feel unpatriotic.
I personally believe that as Ghanaians we should embrace this Bible scripture as our source of inspiration forever! 
That’s right. Not only for a year, two years, a decade, but forever!
We are nation of selfish leeches looking out for no one. Within families, religious bodies, businesses etc we find someone like that. The scary part is that it’s part of our DNA so even when we look closely at our selves we realize we experience traits of PHD( Pull Him Down) syndrome. 
Well God has told us to look out for the interests of others. In other words let’s support one another. Let’s not wait for the Government to do something. Let’s start now by encouraging each other. Building each other’s faith and social well being to the point where by the true meaning of Church and Family surface for tomorrow’s generation. 
On this 6th March, 2017 I urge all Ghanaians to support one another. 
David Roper ended the message by saying:
“Paul said it best: Let each esteem each other better than himself- Philippians 2:3. Is that how we live?” That my friends is the question for you to ponder today.
Happy Independence Day!

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