Spoken Word Night – Sai Wine & Champagne Cafe

Poetry and wine. That sounds like a perfect match. Not a soccer match for that involves beer. This here is a compliment and smooth rolled into a single delicious chocolate moment.
So I have tried to define what the evening of Saturday 4th March 2017 will be like. If you have ever been to Sai Wine & Champagne Cafe you will agree that it is an intimate hide out for warm and hearty conversation and company. 
The establishment serves a wide variety of wines and champagne making it a wine lovers paradise. 
Spoken Word Night will see four poets including myself get on stage and enchant the audience of the night. I believe it’s my first show of the year. I have a new poem I want to try out so if you are looking at having a good time tomorrow, why not come around Labone at 8:00 PM. Its in the same vicinity as Vida e Cafe and Lenovo.
Keep it One Hondred!

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