Ronning Lyrics

Thank you guys for the performance of Ronning these past few days. The single this morning has over a hundred plays. Its a small achievement but I’m grateful for how far I have come and where I am going as an artist.

In celebration of this I am proud to announce that the lyrics for Ronning are now available on Genius.

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Ronning Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to Ronning

She was pretty 

Very witty

She had, ‘thingys that made guys forget the cities that they came from 

Therefore they were sprung

They had T-Pain in their lungs

So therefore sung songs on

Samsung ‘cellies 

You see they wanted to be on ‘tele

Be famous just like R-Kelly

Trying to grab attention of this girl who wore

Lace lingerie,

Gucci everyday,

I mean she was black like a PlayStation 3

Walks into the room connects to guys like 3G


You see I had to 

Disconnect and gather my thoughts and then….

Send an SMS 

‘Cos she was just designing stress

‘Cos I was looking at this dress and there was a beating in my chest

‘Cos I am man that rejects…..


Lady, my natural flavour is distinction

Your past relationships I am putting through extinction. 

Give me the time, give me the place,
Give me the chance to debate against your……

Pink mind,
Pink shine of gloss, on lips with no flaws,

That dress words in Versace every time you talk 

Pause for a second as I jot down these thoughts,
And jot down my number as you jot down me yours

And I looked deep into her eyes as I wrote my number and gave it to her and said 

Mine is a 0-5-4-9-4-4-2-0-3-0

I can be your hero 

Sing songs to you better than Ne-Yo

My words, they will fly you to Rio
Give you a time better than Michael Jackson back in the day when he said

“Do you remember” 

Baby I’ve got a mind
Mind of a gentleman

God is within me so therefore I know how to treat woman

You see I don’t have a car but I can drive you crazy 
You need diamonds, I will supply you daily

Cos I’m an N-W-J
Nigga with jewelry

Supplying you with the diamonds of your life everyday

Everybody wants you like the Iphone 

That’s your nickname

Let’s get together and let’s change that to my phone

Cos you are the;
Apple of my eye

I can’t deny

You provide me with wings so that I can fly

Tell me,

Who needs Red Bull when I got you by my side?

Honey, darling, marshmallow with a charming,
Give me your number so I can stop remarking 

I can go on forever you give me the power to go on

Therefore let me use this power to guess your number and call

You see by looking at you you look like one them MTN types so I’ll say you are 054

You have two dimples and do three aerobic sessions

Your charm is a nine out of ten so I’ll say you are a 



(Breathes in to smell)
Oh my!
You wearing Channel No.9

Sagittarius is your sign

So therefore I’ll say you are a 

054 for the MTN

2 for the dimples

3 for the aerobic sessions

9-10 that’s your charm that’s a nine out of ten

9 for your perfume which is Channel No.9

And 12 for Sagittarius which is your zodiac sign

Please be ready at eight to be picked up at your door

Hope you enjoy it. For the meaning behind the lyrics and more,check it out on Genius right here.

Keep it One Hondred!

PS For those that haven’t heard the song you can listen to it here via SoundCloud 

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