BoBo's Valentine

It was 10:30 PM Monday 13th February 2017 when I realized that I had not picked up a gift for my wife for Valentine’s Day. Luckily I was at Placito so decided to grab something to save my hide. 
In my search for a Valentine gift I stumble upon a red valentine balloon filled with helium hanging out close to the ceiling. 
When I pulled it down it rose right back up. The chemistry involved made me smile. In appreciation of what the helium molecules were doing as well as what my sly mind was thinking.
I decided to purchase it as part of my gift offering. (I won’t reveal what I got for the Mrs. Looking at how logos are being plagiarized I’m afraid my concept will be next ?)
Early this morning I surprised my wife with her gift. She loved it and as predicted, proceeded to giving the cute balloon to my son who had a field day with it this morning and got so tired that he is asleep as I type this.
He has never played with a balloon before. I don’t know what gives kids butterflies when they see or play with balloons but I was happy to share in his first balloon moment and used the opportunity to take pictures and videos.
Here is a comic strip I made just to capture the moment.

BoBo's Valentine
BoBo’s Valentine

Coming to think of it I killed three birds with one stone. 

  1. Wife was happy with balloon
  2. BoBo played with balloon and was happy
  3. BoBo slept giving me time to write this post and get out of the house

If you want one just go to Placito Airport Shell branch. I am not sure how it does it’s magic but it just works.
From BoBo and I Happy Valentine’s Day.
Always keep it One HONDRED!
Will update you on how Ronning fared so far tomorrow. If you haven’t listened to it yet you can do so here.

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