3 Days To Ronning

Last night I released the official cover art for my first single Ronning. The artwork was courtesy of JoJos Conceptions an upcoming graphic designer whose art in my opinion shows great promise.
This single is the next stage in my career as a Spoken Word Artist. 
Since 2011, I have performed alongside many artists across numerous genres. Each having their own uniqueness. I have also studied my surroundings and its people. One however cannot learn everything and this next stage is another learning curve as an artist. 
Each month until June, I shall release a single leading to my album release in June. Three of these singles, including Ronning are not part of the album. 
The album and singles are my way of showcasing my talent and versatility that God blessed me with.

Official Cover Art for Ronning Single
Official Cover Art for Ronning Single

Ronning is one of my favorite pieces because regardless of the crowd its entertaining. It’s a spoken word piece written to bring out a smile on a girl’s face.
The piece had a different name until February 2017. It used to be called “She Was Pretty”. (Lame right?)
I have this bad habit of naming my pieces after the first line of the poem or lyrics. Anyway, I thought that wasn’t fitting in a Ghanaian context and thus the name change; which given the content in the piece, fits perfectly.
The piece on its own without music in the background is good. However, given that Ghanaians are still getting used to poetry or spoken word, I thought it best to add music to provide a more entertaining listening experience. 
Ronning was written somewhere in 2008 in South Africa. If someone had mentioned at the time that in 9 years that this will be my first single I would have said “Get outta here!”
Well we learn everyday. The single will come out on SoundCloud on 13th February 2017. Be sure to look out for it and always keep it One HONDRED!

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