Got Style?

If you have not seen “How To Get A Girl In 45 Seconds”, a short ad by Yaw Barimah Clothing you are missing out on some good fun and a beautiful concept.
Can you get a girl in 45 seconds? Anything is possible, though I must say, that’s a bold feat. 
Bottom line is that people are attracted to style. Whether its an accessory such as a bowtie, hat, watch, shoe; the way and manner you style your hair, do certain things or talk, people are magnets looking for their style (metal) to be attracted.
So do you have style? 
Everyone does. Its effectiveness is what’s usually in question. Depending on your area of work or  intention, careful consideration of your style can score you points or loose them.
Ever wondered why people are attracted to pilots? Its that uniform and title of Captain. The power of the two should never be underestimated. 
What’s Your Style This Valentine Season? 
Are you going to be classy, traditional, utilize the element of surprise, dress to impress or be funny with cheesy pick up lines. 
Understand what it is you are trying to achieve. The person you are trying to attract is also important. People are different and no one trick works for everyone. 
Most importantly, know thy self. Certain styles are not for you. Understand yourself and you will better understand your style. Confidence is free perfume, those who choose to use it reap its benefits.
As you keep it One HONDRED! this season let me leave you with behind the scene pictures of the Yaw Barimah Clothing shoot.

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  1. Great piece, Paul. I think a lot people must read this because,it will surprise you how many people bont even know the things that make people attracted to the opposite sex.

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