The Bowtie Effect

Bowties are complicated. I did a show in 2012 that required me to wear one. It was an army green camouflage tie design that had me scared, for I had never tied a bowtie before. The internet aided but never described how complicated the tying will be. 
Eventually I got around doing it and prayed no one will untie it before the show. That being said you can understand my reservations with a bow tie.
I however have been looking for a look that defines me as an artist. I have a few ideas in my mind and have reached out to a couple of friends to help in achieving that look. 
Strangely enough, every time my mind wandered on my fashion, a specific bow tie brand came up. In my internal HDTV, the pictures of me in a bow tie looked classy, stylish and different. I liked it but had never embraced the thought plus I dreaded the tying of a bowtie.

Barimah Ahofe Dapper Set
Barimah Ahofe Dapper Set

That specific bow tie brand is none other than Yaw Barimah Clothing. Yaw Barimah Clothing (obviously Ghanaian) focuses on production of menswear and men’s accessories. 
The brand was established in 2014 by Yaw Barimah and begun by producing hand made bowties and neckties for am exclusive client base. The bowties were made using different kinds of materials; mostly indigenous to Ghana(Kente, Fugu, African prints). 
So when Yaw called me up on Friday and asked whether I will be interested in being part of a shoot I was ecstatic. Once he assured me that the bowties didn’t involve tying, I knew that bowties were now a part of me. 
The Ahenfo Collection
The Ahenfo Collection

The shoot titled “How To Get A Gorl In 45 Seconds”, was part of the brands promotion of its Ahenfo (Royalty) collection. The concept of the video was simple and perfect for the valentine season – Girl is attracted to a guy because of his bowtie and gives him her number to call later.
I arrived early Saturday morning on set dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans to have fun and fufill bowtie destiny. Once that bowtie was on, I felt different. 
Feeling Good
Feeling Good

Haters will say I am exaggerating but in all seriousness I felt different. More classy, unique…..I could tell I stood out. My beard first of all was one thing and coupled with the bowtie and clean white shirt, the only thing on my mind was James Brown and the feeling that made him say, “I feel good!”. The slogan of the brand “wear your identity” is truly experienced once the apparel is worn.
The shoot was fun and quick as well with its own interesting bloopers including me getting cream on my beard. Check out the video here

If you are like me debating over bow ties and male accessories, keep it One HONDRED and give Yaw Barimah Clothing a try. Check out their website or call them on +233 50 228 5218 / +233 54 033 7751. 
I was honored to be a part of this shoot and look forward to doing it again. Keep it One HONDRED! 

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