Ronning – My First Single

Ronning is my first single which I will be releasing on 13th February 2017. It’s a pidgin word which describes the act of an attracted person charming their prey with words. (In that case you might as well call me a Ronner) 
I wrote Ronning in either 2008 or 2009 whilst I was in University. At the time I was looking for an entertaining piece that could put a smile on a girl’s face and also make a guy go like “damn! I wish I came up with those lines”.
Ronning has over the years been a piece I could rely on to do justice to a dull crowd and thus makes it a fitting piece to start my journey on releasing music. I also deem it fitting, as February is the month of Valentine’s Day.
For those who have heard the piece before, expect a twist to the piece in terms of music. I decided to play with a genre of music which Ghanaians may not be used to but provides in my opinion, the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the track. 
Well I will not say more. Look out for the track on 13th February 2017. 
Keep it One HONDRED!
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