Running Out Of Salt?

Matthew 5:13-14 is popularly known as the “salt and light” verse. Yesterday after Church I found myself wondering whether my Christian salt was still any good.
Our church is a small one. Yesterday we moved onto our land for our maiden service. Our church building is in the process of being built and to encourage ourselves, the church took a step of faith by worshipping on the land to ensure that the church is built.
This being Ghana however, we had some visitors after church service that were called over by some authority in what seems to be confusion over who the land belongs to. 
The area which the land is situated is surrounded by some other churches which are still building and another which started not too long ago apparently belonging to a prophet from Kumasi. Its this church that there seems to be confusion over the land.
Three days earlier two of our church members had come onto the land to do some weeding prior to the service on Sunday. From their account, the prophet and some people working on their site came over to ask what their business was on the land. They were violent in their conduct towards our members and even slapped one of them.
Fast forward back to Sunday after church when we were approached by our visitors. Our visitors were Muslims on an errand to find out like the prophet and his people, what our business on the land was. According to our church member who was attacked, the Muslims were far nicer than the Christians that attacked them.
Islam and Christianity are alike in a number of respects. Both promote respect, peace and love for one another. Its sad however that people claiming to be Christians treat other Christians with disdain all because of a misunderstanding. 
If our Muslim visitors had a violent clash with us, it would have been blammed on religious differences and whilst that is unacceptable, its weirdly more tolerable than Christians against Christians.

Be the salt of the earth
Be the salt of the earth

Christians against Christians or Chritians against Muslims is against all that the Bible teaches. Unfortunately in 2017, the year begins with me realizing that though Ghana is a religious nation, the love expected from those claiming to be religious (and from my point of view, Christians) are not showing a pinch of the character emanating from Christ.
This is evidence that we as Christians have a lot of love share. Amongst ourselves and the rest of the world. 
This is why I believe Christians are losing their salt. At the very moments where we can display Christ like behavior it seems as if the opposite happens. 
Being like Jesus is a continuous journey of grace. He is all perfection and we are so far away from it. It is through Him that the goodness of life shines through us.
So how good is your salt?
Keep it One Hondred!

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  1. This is an accurate assertion about Christians, and the difference between Muslims and so called Christians.
    Rather than take an attitude of servitude, Christians feel entitled.

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