Want a Doughnut?

I grew up watching a lot of TV. Back then the VCR was the DVD and my parents had me consuming western culture unknowingly. 
One item that kept popping up whilst I watched TV as a kid was doughnuts. Police men in USA seemed to live of the stuff. Images of beautifully decorated doughnuts were displayed so colorfully that it made you wonder why the lady that sold doughnuts in my neighborhood couldn’t magically conjure her doughnuts to have similar impact.
Well after years of patiently waiting for that magic to happen, the time has finally come for Ghanaians to enjoy a variety of doughnuts from a confectionary that focuses solely on this dessert.

Dough Man Foods logo
Dough Man Foods logo

Ladies and gentlemen, foodies and sweet tooth cravers alike, allow me to introduce to you, Dough Man Foods, the home of Ghanaian doughnuts (that’s my line). 
If you pass me off as a doughnut connoisseur then you are mistaken. I am not that big on doughnuts; however from the first time I sank my teeth into the Dough Man Foods doughnut, I fell in love. It was as if the doughnuts were the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden and I had taken a bite and been exposed to the  truth which is 
I never knew doughnuts in Ghana could taste soo good“.
Dough Man Foods has three doughnut types.

  1. Suger Coated: This is the classic doughnut as we know it.
  2. Fillings: Doughnuts without the ring  but promiscuous with filling of either jam, chocolate or custard.
  3. Toppings: the classic doughnut but with toppings of your choice.

Dough Man Foods has a great amount of varieties to choose from. Check out the various varieties available here.
Even though the toppings and varieties are a western concept, the prices of the doughnuts are not crazy. In fact I am confident that as prospective customers on a doughnut journey, the dough (money) to experience the flavor and taste is affordable.
Doughnuts from Dough Man Foods are priced at a maximum of 3 GHS per doughnut. I am not sure whether you can purchase a single doughnut. However, I will advise that you purchase a pack of five or ten. 
Its either you will fall in love and consume everything or enjoy it with a hot beverage or milkshake whilst sharing with your twin or invite someone to help you devour.
You can hit them up by calling any of these numbers:

  1. 020 110 0533
  2. 054 868 0146

Oh they also deliver so make use of that as well.

My doughnut order from the other day
My doughnut order from the other day
Authentically Ghanaian 
Dough Man Foods prides itself on using Ghanaian ingredients in making its doughnuts. From coconut to peanut’s and all things in between, Dough Man Foods tries as much as possible to patronize Ghanaian products.
Go On, Place An Order NOW!
So what are waiting for? Get to ordering and have fun munching doughnuts with your friends and colleagues. 
Check out Dough Man Foods website for more information on the brand and what they do.
Keep it One Hondred and let me know how you journey to doughnut land tastes like.

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