Sex On My Mind – Baby Making Music

Would you blame me if after watching or listening to a good selection of both local and international popular music I declared that I was horny?

I want your body sleeping in my bed…..

Excuse me to say but I have come to the simple conclusion that a lot of the current popular artists on blast are sex experts.
That’s Actually Inaccurate.
A more accurate term will be sex enthusiasts with a lot of pride and a somewhat narrow vision that human beings can’t get down on the dance floor if sex is not involved. 
Though Robert Kelly is not exempt from this label, his style seems to have been duplicated and become more raw as opposed to flavored by those following or continuing in his footsteps.
This is not to say that music from the past or before I was born did not face the issue I raise this day. For purposes of this post, “Baby Making Music” shall refer to songs discussing sex.
Past Baby Making Music
Horny” released in 1998 by Mousse T, Hot ‘n’ Juicy and Inaya Day;”Shoop” released in 1993 by Salt-N-Pepa;”Sweat” released in 1993 by Inner Circle; “Turn Off The Lights” released in 1979 by Teddy Pendergrass; “Feel Like Makin’ Love” released in 1974 by Roberta Flack and “Sexual Healing” released in 1983 by Marvin Gaye are but some of the hits that are rife with sexual connotations.
What I love about all these songs mentioned above however is that they do not express, (at least to me) the explicit nature of the sexual act. This does not apply to song like “Sweat” by Inner Circle or more popularly known as “A la la la la long”. 
This karaoke favorite explicit nature comes alive in the chorus when the lyrics go “push it, push it some more” and yet when I was a child, when this song played at social gatherings, I had no idea what was being said let alone that it was inappropriate.
Music in the past on sex had a somewhat suggestive tone or an agenda towards foreplay than the real act. The creativity, lyrics and production went hand in hand, creating classics that cemented the artist as talented as opposed to being a sex enthusiast or for lack of a better word, a freak.
Raw Sex Music
Unfortunately music today on the subject of sex is too raw. It diminishes the value of the act and portrays it as something cheap to be given up easily. This contributes to the general attitude towards sex by all especially the youth. 
Sex is portrayed as a phase in the adolescent life cycle and given the same green light provided to alcohol. The sad thing is that even alcohol has some value and “drink responsibly” labels. Sex on the other hand, along with the current trend of music as a prospectus or background music, is a to-do-list item with no string attached and not enough explanation of the consequences and responsibilities that come with it.
But We’re Just Having Fun
The music is so raw sometimes that when couples dance to it, refusal of sex afterwards by females sounds pretty irrational. After all when the lyrics played and bodies moved, everything about your actions were promiscuous and suggested that both of you were down for mating.
Socially and morally this is a problem. The more this goes on, the more it seems that music today can not be successful unless it is about sex. 
Music is for everybody to dance and enjoy; I strongly believe that there are tons of concepts to stimulate our mindsets to enable all have fun in a manner that is not degrading. 
It’s The Musicians Fault Then
Artists or musicians sometimes forget that with their art they are communicating. Society perceives you as your music. The youth consume this art and sometimes even live by it as a code. We owe it to them to communicate things that will challenge them and lead them to the truth. 
That is not to say that music on sex should not be made. However, if baby making music or sex is the idea or theme of the project or track, then it should be done in a creative, inexplicit manner that doesn’t degrade the act.
In the current trend of local and international music where the definition of what is cool is almost equivalent to not making sense, artists need to rewrite this narrative to portray their work as one spurred by a blessing, talent or creativity of sorts as opposed to a silly set of mindless actions over a beat with half said words with anyone barely hearing what was said being passed of as music and much worse a hit.
So After All Is Sexed And Done
All I am saying is that we can do better and even if it is sex we want to talk about there is a better way it can be done than what is currently dominating the airwaves.
Is sex or baby music bad? Keep it One HONDRED! and share you thoughts

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  1. Well said well said…. Being a very young person I can really see how this is a problem…. Artistes these days are scared to be different… Everyone is following the system… My dad always says that real art doesn’t only entertain but educate. I think it’s up to those of us who have realized the truth to stand up for what is write… Let’s be real and relevant… Let’s defy the odds and produce quality positive entertainment… Someday we might start a trend and others might catch on… Thanks for keeping it One hondred!!!! (tell BoBo to stop drooling all over my instagram timeline ??)

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