The BoBo Song and 2017 Welcome

Welcome to another year. Another opportunity to make hay whilst the sun shines. 
Matter of fact, scrap that!
Most of you have never seen hay before. See this year as an opportunity to make happiness, wealth, friendships and anything worthwhile not only when the sun shines, but when night comes as well.
A great lot has been happening since my last blog post. I took a much needed break and I am revitalized to cruise down 2017 in sun glasses and skis down the potholed roads of Ghana and beyond. I am an optimist who believes anything is possible and it’s too early in the year to doubt my dream. I hear change is here, so let’s all be optimists for a change.
The Network Ink

The Network Ink Flyer
The Network Ink Flyer

I am playing host at the Network Ink this Saturday at AM & PM, Villagio. This is a great way to start the year and you are bound to make great contacts and walk away with a number of gifts. 
(Change is indeed here)
Ticket price is 300 GHC but each ticket entitles you to the following:

  • A Lenovo Smartphone
  • Airtel SIM card with loads of free data
  • The latest edition of Glitz Magazine
  • Cocktail

There will be performances and lots of photo opportunities and selfies so please dress to cause confusion, make friends and have fun. It’s challenging but not impossible.
See flyer for more details.
WTF? Album
We are wrapping up our work on the album. The album is set to be released early June. Cover art will be revealed before month end along with more info about the album.
The BoBo Song

BoBo & Daddy
BoBo & Daddy

BoBo wishes you all a happy new year. He has grown and is eager to walk before crawling. He is definitely an optimist. 
Remember the song I made for him?
Well here it is in audio. You can download for free or stream to listen to it.
It was all done using garage band so audiophiles bear with the quality of the mixing and recording. BoBo features in the song as well so that alone makes the track a must listen.
Well the year has begun. Here is to keeping it One HONDRED!

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