You Gotta See The Ghanaian Mortal Kombat Trailer

So there is this Mortal Kombat trailer on line that is driving me crazy. It’s not perfect but for some weird reason (that I can’t explain) I love it.
I have honestly never been a fan of Ghanaian movies. I hardly find them amusing or creative especially those from Kumawood. 
(Kumawood is the local term for movies either made from Kumasi or in the local dialect Akan) 
These movies are made often with improv actors with only an idea of what the movie is about. Famous Kumawood actors have made a name for themselves due to their improv comedy and skills on set.
I usually don’t like these movies because they are a bit silly and lack any sense of purpose or originality. You could be watching the movie and before you know it it’s over with the credits rolling and telling you to watch out for part two.
(And if there is a part two, there is definitely a three and four)
The plot, purpose or title of the movie usually takes its cue from what is happening in Ghana and the world. 
Lately special effects have been featured in such movies turning them into a South Park sort of movie with you wondering where a dragon or spider man came from.
This Mortal Kombat trailer however, is unlike others I have seen. It is clear that the director is passionate about the franchise and keen on showcasing the elements that made people like the game.
Things I Didn’t Like 
My main issue is with the costumes. On the whole they are great just that I would have changed a couple of things. 
Liu Kang for instance is a black guy with a weave. 
(Raised eyebrows….what’s that about?)
He could have just been a dreadlocked fellow. 
I also didn’t see any subtitles when Akan was spoken. It’s little things like that made the trailer loose points.
Things I Loved
I loved the story line. Even though it’s a trailer, the story within whets your appetite to view the full movie. The action is also fantastic. 
(I am not exaggerating) 
The sound effects and the classic fighting and special moves of Mortal Kombat characters made me fall in love. Drones were even used to get beautiful shots of fight sequences. The moves did not look fake and definitely made me proud as a Ghanaian. 
The cast is truly talented and this trailer has made me interested in where Ghana’s stunt industry is going. 
Unfortunately the Ghanaian Mortal Kombat movie is not out. The idea was to just make a trailer to fulfill a life long dream and showcase the ability of the director popularly known as Committee.
Check out the trailer by clicking the link below:
Ghana Mortal Kombat Trailer
You can read up more about Committee and the project by checking out this article.
What do you think about Ghana’s Kumawood films?
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  1. Glad I’m not the only one!!! By rights I should hate this film but I seriously admire the effort put into it. And if the trailer is a promise of what to expect then count me in!!!

  2. Even Hollywood struggles with video game adaptations…. This looks like a lot more effort went into it than your average kumawood movie of the week!!

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