My Music Distribution Dilemma

I am almost done with my album. One more track to record and some finishing touches and the sound engineer can do what he does best and get the tracks mastered.
It has indeed been a journey of learning but I am so glad I decided to pursue my dream. I however have to start thinking about distribution which is now digital and in some cases involves money.
I really wish Ghana and SoundCloud alone will do it in taking my art to the masses but I don’t think Ghana is there yet. SoundCloud is just a community of music lovers that doesn’t have digital distribution.
So I browse the web for options and I am bombarded with lots of choices. Tune Core, Cd Baby, Loudr, Ditto, Bandcamp and lots more.
(I am supposed to be studying for a paper the next day and here I am studying digital distribution)
My goal as an artist is to give out my first album for free. This is to get my art out there and build a loyal fan base. I want to grow as an artist and without people who love what you do there is no point. 
Unfortunately, if I want my music to be available worldwide, I have to pay money. 
(So much for charity)
I am still looking through what the best options are. Tune Core looks popular but they charge you an annua rate of $29.99 to upload an album the first year and $49.99 the following years. 
I believe I have great stuff to offer the world but thats a lot coming from an independent artist trying to come out.
Bandcamp seems great. They allow you to put your stuff out and get people to listen for free and even contribute towards your album if they feel it is worth it. They however do not distribute globally.
In Ghana I am not even sure as to how to get my stuff to the popular digital music outlets. I pray God provides me with the strength to come out of this journey successful. 
I will be settling on a release date soon and will let you know about it. Until then, always keep it One Hondred!

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