Did The Chicken Come Before The Egg?

I have this bad habit of sleeping with the television on. My television occasionally gets bored with me because he ends up watching me instead of me watching him. 
Well, last night was no different. I was going over lyrics for a track I am yet to record and had the television on mute. Once done, I turned the volume up and was caught watching the movie “A Matter of Faith”.
The movie was  about a girl in college whose father did not agree with a biology professor about his teachings on evolution. His concern was with how the idea of evolution shaped his daughters thinking on creation and more importantly God. The father confronted the professor about his concerns and ended up agreeing to a debate on evolution versus creation. 
I slept before the debate begun.
I am a Christian so I know the creation story, I also studied biology so understand the theory of evolution. Frankly, I don’t think there is a difference in what both schools of thought are saying. It’s the same thing.
I find it interesting that we go to great lengths to argue about stuff like this to extreme lengths. Atheists say there was no creation and Christians say there was no Big Bang. Meanwhile none of them were there to prove their points.
I believe both happened. I believe the Big Bang happened and all evolution as is described in biology. I also believe God did not want to give us a biology lesson in Genesis so summarized the Big Bang and evolution to “Let there be light” and the creation story. 
Let’s be real here. If the Bible had a biology segment people would not read it. What Christians needed to know is that God created everything. How he did it is what science attempts to explain. I don’t even think we are close to the true details of what happened in the beginning.
In the movie, there is a question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? We know chickens come from eggs. I believe the chicken came first. Some believe the egg came first. The point is not what came first but who created the chicken. I believe God is the creator of everything including science. Scientists don’t have a better explanation to the origin of things than God. It’s just difficult for some to comprehend that there is a superior Being out there.
What is your take on evolution? 
Merry Christmas!
Keep it One Hondred! 

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  1. This reminds me of a statement I heard from a preacher I mostly agree with and greatly admire.
    He said, and I paraphrase that, ‘Science only goes to prove what Christianity says’.
    Thanks for writing this.

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