EC Announcement Delay Worries Me

So Ghana went for change and in the process almost changed the colours of our flag to white, blue and red. Celebrations have been on going since the President John Mahama conceded. Some celebrations however have gone overboard and caused unnecessary pain.
This morning I want to share my concerns about the Electoral Commision’s (EC) delay in announcing the election results.
I had the opportunity of listening to an audio post on whatsapp that detailed how the NPP was sure it had won the elections. I won’t go into the details but it involved hacking of which I believe because on 7th December 2016, around 22:00 I could not access the EC website. I tried hour after hour and still could not access it.
On Friday I put up a post expressing my views on our behaviour towards the delay of the EC in announcing the results. My view was to let the EC do it’s job. I was not privy to any information suggesting inefficiency. As far as I was concerned the EC had the best means to go about managing the election and announcing the results.
This news about the NPP having the results before the EC however worries me and brings up a lot of questions. Why did it take the EC so long in announcing the results? How efficient is the EC in doing its job? Is this going to be addressed? 
I don’t have facts for these issues being raised but the conversations I have been part of suggests that the NPP was vigilant in ensuring that their votes were protected and that the right thing was done. This is the right attitude to adopt but the EC should surpass the vigilance of the NPP as the refree in the electoral process. It sounds as if that was not the case.
I am not comfortable. As a Ghanaian voting for the first time I believe an institution like the EC has more than enough time to prepare for an election and ensure that the security and validation of votes are coallated in the most efficient manner. For a political party to be more efficient raises some serious eye brows. I don’t have the facts but I am interested in finding out more about this issue. 
All Ghanaians should be interested in finding out about the delay. Media houses should delve into these why’s. The integrity of our country and institutions are at stake.
If CHANGE is really here then let’s change the attitude of silence and ask a simple question. Why was there a delay?
As we keep it One Hondred leading to Christmas, what’s your take on the EC’s delay to announce?

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  1. I heard about the structures put in place by the NPP. Top notch, although I was far from impressed by the way they rushed in announcing results. The EC did kinda disappoint me with the way they didn’t let certified results out. As to why they delayed, only they know. I just hope Charlotte Osei takes a cue and seeks to implement the structures they used, so in 2020, things will be smoother.

    1. Apparently NPP announced so as to cause confusion. By announcing they were stating that they had proof that they had won. So the EC and the other parties would double check to ensure they were not doing anything wrong because someone seemed to have the upper hand in the collation process

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