Patient Politics Paaa

Are Ghanaians patient people?
Looking at our behaviour and reactions in the physical and on social media it is clear that Charlotte Osei is taking Ghanaians through a patience course.
What I don’t get is why everyone is all over excited. It’s very clear the peace songs didn’t do jack.
Everyone is looking forward to getting this election over and done with. Let’s assume nothing. It’s only one presidential seat for one person. The Electoral Commission (EC) is responsible for giving the results so let them just do that.
Has it taken long?
Sure it has but we will get a result. This situation is a case of hungry children (Ghanaians) complaining to their mother (Charlotte Osei) about how long it’s taking her to prepare lunch. The only difference is that in this our waiting situation, the children can’t go into the kitchen to help their mother. 
I strongly believe the reason for this tension is because people feel that the lunch is being cooked rather than prepared. 
For NPP I can understand why they will feel this way. Looking at what happened in 2012 their frustration is warranted. However, there are better ways of addressing these issues.
The safety of Ghanaians and the nation is paramount. Let’s allow the EC to do their job. Unless you have proof of rigging don’t insinuate or broadcast false claims. It does not help us all. 
Let’s keep it One Hondred! in respect to our mother Ghana.

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