Peace Songs & Election Aftermath

So after three hours of waiting yesterday, I voted for the first time. My left pinky finger is still stained, I remember a selfish irritating voter along with other noisemakers but all that aside I consider the process a peaceful and successful one.
What is not peaceful is these darn peace songs that populate my television.
Peace Songs
I loved the traffic free roads but I know it’s a short lived experience. The peace songs however are not peaceful at all! In fact some are irritating and can’t wait for them to get off air.
Who sponsors these works of art?
I applaud the investment and wonder why it can’t be done for other projects that boast a more promising life span.
Let’s face it, after today these songs will bear no relevance. I am actually looking for Ghanaians to witness to me that one of these songs inspired peace within them.
To me it’s a selfish enterprise not benefiting Ghana. A peace song is not really about entertainment and must have a deeper message than that of which I have listened to. 
A great peace song to me is Black Eyed Peas “Where is the Love”. A great song that stands the test of time. Here is a tip to peace song makers. If your song doesn’t sound like it will be played after elections then don’t bother. Refocus your efforts.
Can The Elections Be Improved?
Of course it can improved. Even if the election process saw no error there is still room for improvement. 
I personally was not particularly happy about my three hour wait to perform a two minute activity. The news of quick voting from friends via social media didn’t help my patient composure as well. I was however determined to vote and my resolve outweighed my irrritation.
My polling station name and code: PHASE 1, REGIMANUEL ESTATE EAST AIRPORT (C120320B) for some reason had an influx of voters from the beginning of the voting session. For future purposes, I believe operational procedures be revised to cater for such influx in an effort to speed the electoral process. 
Major Issue at Polling Station C120320B
The major issue that befell voters at my polling station was poor communication on the queues that they were to be in. 
I was a victim of this. I arrived at 8 AM and was advised by people in the queue to use my first name to determine my queue. My name being Paul meant that I was destined for the N-Z queue. At least that’s what I thought.
Once I reached my turn to verify my name on the list I was told I was in the wrong queue. The correct procedure apparently, was to use the first name on the voter ID card. The first name on my card is my surname, which is Forjoe. So I was to stand in the “F” queue.
Throughout my two hour wait in the N-Z queue I did not hear any advise by the electoral officers to prevent my mishap. Considering the number of people present, a PA system or mega horn was needed to advise on the correct queue for voters to join.
Electoral Commission Website
I have to commend the Electoral Commission (EC) for the great work done in ensuring peaceful voting. A lot of work has gone into ensuring that the voting process was successful. 
Not all areas were covered but I believe the future holds progress. 
(Okay, that was the compliment. Now for criticism)
My rant revolves around the EC’s website and the information that resides on it. 
I am a millennial who loves to utilize his smart phone and the internet. Social media, television and radio are good but in this day and age all information being broadcast on these platforms must first and foremost be on the website. This covers all bases and affords any individual discussing election, to refer to content with confidence because it comes from the EC website.

EC tweets screenshot
EC tweets screenshot

I saw the tweet assuring me of eligibility to vote as long as I had a valid ID or a copy of my voters ID and the short code to verify my polling station, just this morning. 
I applaud the use of social media to push this message but it should be on the EC website with a link directing people to more information, attached to the message on social media.
I believe a YouTube channel is equally important to advise Ghanaians and interested stake holders on proceedings, procedures and any other information deemed important for video. This should be linked to the website to enable easy access to the media.
Final Word
Well let’s await patiently for the final results. God has blessed us with peaceful voting and promises a peaceful future. The onus lies on you and I to ensure that we comport our selves at the result. 
We have survived 8 elections and 4 Coup’s. Let us survive another. Stay blessed and keep it One Hondred!
PS: The main illustration of the Black Star Gate at Independece Square was created by Jojo Conceptz 

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