Last Sunday, I felt ungrateful. 
In my pursuit of perfection I took for granted the One who had the means to get me there.
I felt ashamed and humbled.
A busy life often leaves us feeling like all things other than God are important. It’s an interesting illusion the world uses to confuse us. This creates misplaced priorities that can affect your peace of mind.
I wrote this prayer to remind myself and others who may feel the way I felt.
Heavenly Father forgive me.

I have taken your grace for granted.
I walk in and out of your mercy like a spoilt brat.
Seldom do I acknowledge your grace and protection.

Seldom do I greet you or ask how the day has been.
I call you Father yet, treat you like a servant.

Even the servants have greater respect for you yet bear no blood relation.
How is the All Powerful so gentle?

How is the Magnificent so understanding?
I need you more than I think I do.

Forgive the disrespect your child has shown.
I make no promises for I am human and not perfect like you.

I will however put more effort into acknowledging the mercy, grace, protection and love you show to me and my family each day.

Thank you for the greatness you instilled in me. Enable me to glorify you today and forever more.

I pray the grace of God follows you this day. May his mercy know no boundaries in your life. 
Let God know how grateful you are today. Even if it’s just a thank you. It will do way more than you can imagine.
Stay blessed and keep it One Hondred!

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