Drum Roll, Please

Do you know Poetra Asantewa?
She is one of Ghana’s finest poets who also runs a fashion label as well as the Yobbings greeting card line.
Poetra recently came back from a tour in the United States and I am itching to see how that experience impacts on her performance.
As I prepare to release my album next year, I make it a point to learn from others who have released poetry albums and who are doing things I want to do.
With her Motherfuckitude EP in the bag, Poetra is raising the Ghanaian poetry flag high and I am privileged to know her and work with her.

Drum Roll, Please Square Flyer
Drum Roll, Please Square Flyer

The show which takes place on Thursday, December 1 2016 at the Drama Studio, University of Ghana will be supported by producer and artist KaySo, the amazing songbird Cina Soul and myself.
I am honored to be sharing a piece of myself with the audience and working alongside such amazing talent.
So what will I be performing that night?
I am still deciding. Though I have a fair idea of what I want to do. There will definitely be rap and poetry. I have not performed in a while since I have been putting in work at the studio on the album.
I however look forward to performing and witnessing the amazing talent especially Poetra and what she has in store for the audience. I hear drums are involved. Can’t wait!
P.S Drum Roll, Please starts at 8:00 PM.
Remember to keep it Hondred Percent! 

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