Do You Proof Read Your Life?

“Are you sure there are no mistakes in the essay?”
That’s my mother asking a question I don’t want to hear. I stupidly respond yes knowing very well I didn’t go over the essay. It’s almost three in the afternoon and if I don’t get out of the house soon, I won’t get a good team to play basketball with on the court.
“Is that how you spell that?”, She screamed.
I am pretty sure that dat is the correct spelling but I should have checked the dictionary to be sure. English has a way of deceiving you with regards to spelling.
Absent fullstops and commas, spelling mistakes and poor paragraphing saw my opportunity to show off my new basketball moves fade away like the glory of Chicago Bulls after Jordan left. I was twelve and knew no better.
I hated to proof read.
I however find it more important in life than blogging. In my new life as a blogger I go over my posts over and over to ensure it reads the way I want it to. Spelling, paragraphs, is there a better way to describe that? These and many more are what I go through whenever I task myself to write for my blog.
But why bother?
I do it because I want my audience to take me seriously and to ensure that my message is channelled properly. I am striving for perfection.
To achieve that proof reading is necessary. Once or twice won’t cut it. A minimum of three times; and more if necessary are needed to ensure your work comes out with little error.
So why not apply this to every aspect of our lives?
Proof reading is an important life discipline. Everything must be reevaluated and assessed to determine feasibility and changes that need to be made before that final decision or submission is made.
You proof read your life over and over again until the very last day. You ask yourself questions to determine whether previous perceptions still hold. You do that with your career, education, love life and religion, all in search of perfection.
So when do you stop proof reading? 
Every scenario demands different rules. The process however evolves rather than comes to a halt. For instance before getting married there is a proof reading process to determine who your spouse will be. Once you have tied the knot, that process evolves to proof reading your life partner to fully understand them and their impact. This enables you to correct both your behaviors, in order for the  marraige to be successful.
Does proof reading lead to perfection?
Proof reading doesn’t mean you are creating an error free life. It just minimizes the errors. If done properly, you eliminate the obvious errors and make good decisions. If however you ignore it or do a poor job, you will be like me in my youth, missing an opportunity to play with friends.
Over time I will come back to this topic in relation to different situations to give better insight into the application of proof reading.
As a Christian I believe that diligent use of proof reading in search of the truth, leads to Christ and salvation.
Stay true to your ways, proof read and keep winning.
This post was proof read four times in search of perfection.
Stay One Hondred!

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  1. Proof reading is something I have come to appreciate. However, one thing I have learnt is that there are certain errors that would always find a way of escaping your scrutiny and you’d need somebody else to spot them. This is where having people you’re accountable to comes in. They do some good life proof reading, good people.

    1. I agree, I am blessed to have a friend who does this for me once I post and she points out the errors. She is currently pointing out a spelling mistake as I type this out. ?
      Thank God I can go back and change

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