Kelewele Heart Break

Kelewele (diced, spiced, fried plantain) and I have an intimate relationship that has lasted many years. Other Ghanaian dishes are jealous over our love and have tried their best to break us apart. 
My studies in South Africa were the hardest as plantain is not grown there. 
One day I craved kelewele so bad that I bought the biggest bananas I could find and fried them in hope that I would get a taste close to kelewele. 
I need not go into the details of my dissapointment and the laughter that ensued but needless to say, my friends thought I was crazy to fry bananas. 
They didn’t understand my kelewele love.
So some weeks back I posted an article titled “You’re Invited” where I used a picture of kelewele as the feature image.
A good friend of mine praised the article but wasn’t impressed with the picture used. As the chat reveals, there is a story behind that picture I wish to share today.

My chat over the Kelewele choice
My chat over the Kelewele choice

Ever since I took that picture I have not purchased kelewele. It was one Sunday evening in June 2016, when my lips missed the kiss of fried plantain. I was on my way to drop a friend when the craving hit me. I asked if she knew any kelewele joints and she directed me to a kelewele seller and offered to purchase on my behalf. I gave her 6 GHC and asked her to use her judgement to buy enough.
She came back shortly and said that the kelewele is sold in multiples of 3 GHC. I nodded giving the go ahead unaware of what that implied.
(I never understand why we break a 10 GHC purchase of kelewele into 5 batches of 2 GHC with the idea that we will get more)
Once I got to her house I decided to eat the kelewele there as I was hungry. Ladies and gentlemen the image below is what I saw and I felt insulted by the quantity that surrounded the plate.
3 GHC Kelewele as at June 2016
3 GHC Kelewele as at June 2016

How do you serve a true kelewele lover this amount? 
Around that period, plantain prices were up. However, common sense dictates that advise should be rendered in such a situation. Tell me that 3 GHC won’t satisfy a kelewele fan and ask that I purchase 10 GHC to ensure that I am satisfied. That’s customer service! Kelewele is not a starter! It’s the freaking main course! Chale, I was so hurt that I didn’t even eat the kelewele. 
If kelewele is being sold for sensible prices now let me know. Until then I will rather fry my own thing at home to prevent the heart break I experienced.
Are you a kelewele lover? Comment and share your experience.
Stay winning and keep it One HONDRED!

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