WTF-My First EP

I think I am ready to put myself out there.  Ever since I arrived from South Africa in December 2010 I have been looking for the right moment to present myself to the world. 
I started out doing a number of solo shows and quickly realized that I needed to develop a fan base. Those who came out to see me encouraged me and made me a believer in myself and my art. However for the most part, my art wasn’t out there in video or audio. 
I never felt comfortable putting my material out. I didn’t feel the time was right. I guess I didn’t also hadn’t figured out my brand.
Presently I am taking a risk. A risk of passion to make it as a spoken word artist  and entertainer. This EP is proof to anyone who listens that God has blessed me with art. 
I have a plan to share it with the world but I can’t do it alone. The blog on this site details my artistic journey in the making of this album and other art projects I embark on.
Subscribe, share and engage by either liking or commenting. Your words mean a lot to me and support me more than you know. 
In the next few days I will shed more light on what has been achieved so far and the plan I have to market the album. 
I am not yet revealing what the acronym WTF stands for. I leave that to your imagination.
Stay winning and keep it One HONDRED!

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