It's a Boy!

“So is it a boy or a girl?”, I asked my wife. “A girl”, she said. “The doctor can’t see a penis down there and he has tried saaaaa, so I believe we have a girl”.
(saaaa: a word in Twi which describes how long something has occurred usually emphasized by the number of “a” used)
I had always wanted a girl as my first child before a boy. (Look at me acting like I was in control of that decision) I had my reasons, which I will explain later as this isn’t the purpose of my post. 
I was pleased with the results after numerous scans pointed in my favor. I was however hesitant in accepting the gender verdict as I heard of surprises from other parents.
Thus baby shopping was always in neutral  colours. Except for the Manchester United onesie I bought earlier in the year. (What a proud purchase)

Manchester United Onesie
Manchester United Onesie
Unfortunately when the baby was delivered I wasn’t around. It was in the early hours of the morning and I was asked by the hospital staff to go home and rest assured. It was my mother-in-law who called to deliver the news. 
It’s a Boy! 
(that emoji was my face when I heard the news)
I was surprised but not disappointed. Laughed my head off at God’s way of playing pranks with me and started thinking of what to call my new born son.
Fast forward into the future, I get surprised at people’s reactions when they are told of the baby’s gender.
“Chale you force oooo!”
“You have done well!”
I may sound unappreciative but I found those comments at times disappointing. Especially when I mention that I was looking forward to a girl and receive an opposite reaction.
In 2016 I thought Ghana’s views on children will have changed but it seems the old ways are still present. 
A girl and a boy are different and each bring something different to a family. However it is God who provides these blessings and knows what is best for us. 
Hondred Percent and son yawning
Hondred Percent and son yawning

As much as I was looking forward to having a daughter, I am ecstatic about my son. Never did I know the feeling of pride and happiness he will bring into my life. I just don’t like the idea that boys are still perceived as major achievement and girls as a minor one. Maybe it’s just because it’s my first child.
I liken this to a football match. You always prefer your team to score first and win as opposed to being scored first and then winning from behind.
I just worry about the social and cultural pressure placed on women who had daughters first and how they must feel. I mean, that could have easily been us. Makes me wonder the reaction to the gender some would have given if my child was a girl.
Maybe I am viewing this all wrong. I however feel these perceptions should change. So as you keep it One HONDRED! What’s your take on this?

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  1. Reminds me of a patient I recently met in her early 40s who has 3 girls and was asking me if she could still get pregnant because she wants a boy. I had to encourage her that girls are a big blessing just as boys regardless of cultural beliefs.

      1. In response to Nathan’s comment , if you were married to this woman , would you still want to give birth to a son after having these 3 beautiful girls?
        No long talk, all I need from you is a YES or NO before you give reasons for your choice.

          1. ?? ??????????? . This is just a warm up to the real debate. As to whether I would side with you or not, take this last Q : which would you love to reincarnate as? Be honest and Give reasons for your choice. Hahaha

  2. Congratulations! I trust fatherhood is a wonderful thing! 🙂
    About the mentality, I wonder why having a son first is considered an achievement. Regardless of the gender, a baby is a gift from God, as you said. I understand your ‘disappointment’, coz it’s clear there’s still some lingering bias somewhere (dunno if I put that right).
    The perception should certainly change. After all, the Giver does as He pleases. In the meantime, have fun with your little boy!!! 😀

    1. I believe everyone has a preference and favorites. We sometimes think we won’t like something only to receive it or experience it and realize we were wrong. I guess that’s kinda what happened to me. I knew whatever happened that God will give me a baby that will bless me.

  3. Frankly speaking they are all blessing from God. Some of us still live in the old centuries with a male as the best option meanwhile there will be no one without the other. You look good together ❤

  4. I think God is the architect of both the future and the present so for me, I just want God’s plan to be, whether boy or girl.

  5. Hmmm. You look good together in your pix – the yawning one. For me I think the preference for a particular gender stems not only from culture but also from cultural experiences. For me I always wanted a big brother – my protector and I never had one as I’m the first born but I wish I could have a boy first and girls after to protect my little angels. But hey its a wish but I’m sure if I had a girl first I would love her and be grateful to God for the gift all the same.

  6. I think the preference for a particular gender stems not only from culture but also personal experiences. Growing up I always longed for an elder brother who would be my proector- I never had one as I was the first born. So I wish I could have a boy first – a protector for my little angles (girls) but I would love a girl all the sam if she comes first because I would be grateful to God for the gift – which is what children are…

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