5 Dollars for 8 Scoops

Happy World Smile Day! ?
Ice cream prices are not usually quoted in dollars.(But if rent and property are in Dollars why can’t the same be done for ice cream)
Ice cream, a wonderful frozen milk treat that sends your taste buds to heaven and back has been putting smiles on our faces since their Milky Way was discovered.
Everyone likes ice cream!
(Even terrorists)
The devil is rumored to have a lick from time to time as a means of visiting the heavens. So be wary of anyone who doesn’t favor an ice cream from time to time.
My favourite ice cream flavour is Pistachio. That’s something you are not bound to find easily in Ghana on the street.
For flavours other than Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, (Of which Fan Milk does a tremendous job) one needs to visit a good ice cream shop.
When I was a teenager, that shop was Frankie’s on Oxford Street, Osu. These days we are privileged to have the likes of Pinnochio’s, Ci Gusta and Frankie’s to support our indulgence in sweet sin.
I have tried ice creams from all shops and found that Frankie’s gives the best value for money deal.

Frankies Ice Cream Prices
Frankies Ice Cream Prices

The weather these days encourages a lot of cooling down mechanisms. 20 GHC for 8 scoops of ice cream is a cool deal to bring out that smile. That’s 2.50 GHC per scoop. You are not going to get a deal like this at the other shops.
Don’t get me wrong the other ice cream vendors companies do a good job. Each has their speciality and perks but if you are looking for good ol’ fashioned ice cream in the loads, then head to the blue tall man’s house with a hat. (Don’t get confused I just described Frankie’s logo)
Frankies Oxford Street , Osu logo
Frankies logo

I usually share with my wife and she’s all about coffee ice cream (but ironically not big on coffee). So she gets about 6 scoops of her choice of which 4 scoops go to coffee and cappuccino. Depending on the craving her choices expand to the 8 scoop limit. (But that’s the complications of Marraige)
So what are you waiting for? Grab a partner and take a stroll to Frankie’s and buy ice cream. Our weather commands it.

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